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    This addon provides current health and power strings to Grid so they can be used by any of the centertext frames. Most of this code is just taken from GridStatusHealth as I try to learn lua. It's a limited-appeal addon. Personally I use grid as my primary unit frame, so it's helpful when solo to know precisely how much health I have left, rather than grid's default of showing how much health you have lost.

    There are going to be problems with the code. As I said I just basically took the healthDeficit function from GSH and modified to do what I wanted. There may extra unnecessary things I left in there. Feel free to point them out.

    It's on the SVN now.

    Current issues:
    1. I can't seem to make submenus for configuration work. Still trying to work on it.
    2. I would like to add the option to color rage/mana/energy by the standard colors of those powers.
    3. I'm still learning what all the events do and what I need to do on each event.
    4. I haven't done any group testing at all.

    Other than that, it works as advertised. The defaults are set to 100% threshold, so the values will always show when enabled.
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    nearly there, the lib is called LibPeriodicTable-3.1

    you left the "Lib" off

    thanks for this, you are my hero for reviving this addon.
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    There appears to be some issues with external libs.

    You upgraded to pt3.1 in the code. However, you didn't change to pt3.1 in the .toc file's X-embeds or OptionalDeps fields, or in the embeds.xml file

    Also, there are svn:externals on the main addon directory still pointing to pt3.0[1] but the svn:externals on the Libs directory are correct.[2]

    Obviously with this setup it still works when you download a zip (though the zip with embedded libs is a bit bloated with pt3.0 libs.) However, it completely hoses WAU since pt3.0 isn't something it can pull down.

    1: http://fish.wowace.com/browse/WowAce/trunk/KingOfTheJungle
    2: http://fish.wowace.com/browse/WowAce/trunk/KingOfTheJungle/Libs

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    The list could be made even more useful with some more fine-tuned filtering options.

    For one, basic options could be available
    BoE Drops
    BoP World Drops
    BoP Instance Drops
    Specific Reputations (For instance, I will probably never get any more CC rep, so I don't need to see those recipes)

    Finally, an ability to manually ignore a recipe would be a good cover when filters don't remove something you don't want.

    A simple option to show ignored/filter recipes without changing your filters would be helpful too.

    You could also allow sorting by these categories, in addtion to filters (so I can see all the BoP World drops together.)
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    Quote from kissnsay »

    Quote from Sleazy »

    times again an error message with the LogIn :-(

    the Frenzy Effect message, was nevertheless already times fixed

    <<error snip>>

    Use this Babble-Spell-2.2

    So, is the problem in Babble-Spell, or in ClassTimer? Because I'm getting this error every time my pet frenzies.
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    I'm not even sure if the Ace version of KC_Items is being updated seriously, but there were two checkins on the 19th, so maybe.

    This is the error I get every time I visit the bank. Even after a completely fresh set of SVs. I'm still looking at the code myself to try to understand what's going on, but I'm brand new at lua. Hoping throwing this out might yield some ideas.

    2007/01/20 10:19:41-13-x1]: KC_Items-.95.19286\bank\bank.lua:71: attempt to concatenate a table value
    KC_Items-.95.19286\bank\bank.lua:30: in function `?'
    Ace-1.4\AceEvent.lua:18: in function `EventHandler'
    <string>:"AceEventFrame:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "AceEventFrame:OnEvent"]:1>
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