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    Turns out I missed the stuff in locales. Add to locale-enUS.lua:

    L["Chakra"] = true
    L["Inner Fire/Will"] = true
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    I've made some extensive, but much needed changes/fixes to BuffEnough for Priests. I'll run down what's been done, and then post the relevant changes to the spells.lua and priest.lua.

    1. Added Chakra. It's *technically* a little bugged, because if you have the "Chakra" buff, but not a state, it'll still show you as fully buffed. This isn't really a concern, since as soon as you cast a heal, you will trigger a Chakra state. Chakra: Serenity/Sanctuary/Chastise all count as being "BuffEnough". Note: This only triggers if your Holy Spec.

    2. BuffEnough seems to think that Inner Will is not a viable buff. This has been rectified. If you have Inner Will, instead of Inner Fire, You are now BuffEnough!

    3. Vampiric Embrace. Not sure why this is missing, it seems to be a talent all Shadow Priests pick up. This will only be checked if your in your Shadow Spec.

    I'm asking that these be merged. The Chakra is extremely needed if you have a T11 4pc bonus. I could have just checked if the bonus is up, but you should really always be in a Chakra state regardless, because in the long run, it's a Buff, and without it, you will do significantly less heals. Same with Vampiric Embrace. I don't know how to check to see if you've learned the talent, but it's simple to ignore it in the settings. However, if you add it as an expected buff, it checks even if your in a Holy/Disc spec.


    Spells.lua (main directory for those that want to change these manually), Start on the line where it says "-- Priests". Replace everything until "-- Shamans" with:

    -- Priests
    BuffEnough.spells["Power Word: Fortitude"] = GetSpellInfo(21562)
    BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire"] = GetSpellInfo(588)
    BuffEnough.spells["Inner Will"] = GetSpellInfo(73413)
    BuffEnough.spells["Shadowform"] = GetSpellInfo(15473)
    BuffEnough.spells["Vampiric Embrace"] = GetSpellInfo(15286)
    BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Serenity"] = GetSpellInfo(81585)
    BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Sanctuary"] = GetSpellInfo(81206)
    BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Chastise"] = GetSpellInfo(81209)
    BuffEnough.spells["Chakra"] = L["Chakra"]
    BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire/Will"] = L["Inner Fire/Will"]
    BuffEnough.spellMap[BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire"]] = BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire/Will"]
    BuffEnough.spellMap[BuffEnough.spells["Inner Will"]] = BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire/Will"]
    BuffEnough.spellMap[BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Serenity"]] = BuffEnough.spells["Chakra"]
    BuffEnough.spellMap[BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Sanctuary"]] = BuffEnough.spells["Chakra"]
    BuffEnough.spellMap[BuffEnough.spells["Chakra: Chastise"]] = BuffEnough.spells["Chakra"]
    BuffEnough.groupBuffs[BuffEnough.spells["Power Word: Fortitude"]] = true

    For Priest.lua (Inside the Classes Folder), Here's my whole file, since there were changes in a few spots:

    --[[ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    BuffEnough: personal buff monitor.
    BuffEnough is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
    BuffEnough is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with BuffEnough.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ]]
    if select(2, UnitClass("player")) ~= "PRIEST" then return end 
    local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):GetLocale("BuffEnough")
    local Priest = BuffEnough:GetOrCreateModule("Player")
    --[[ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
         Check class buffs
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ]]
    function Priest:CheckClassBuffs()
        if BuffEnough.debug then BuffEnough:debug("Checking priest buffs") end
        BuffEnough:TrackItem(L["Buffs"], BuffEnough.spells["Inner Fire/Will"], false, true, false, nil, nil, true)
        local isHolySpec = GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 2
        if isHolySpec then
          BuffEnough:TrackItem(L["Buffs"], BuffEnough.spells["Chakra"], false, true, false, nil, nil, true)
        local isShadowSpec = GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 3
        if isShadowSpec then 
           BuffEnough:TrackItem(L["Buffs"], BuffEnough.spells["Shadowform"], false, true, false, nil, nil, true)
           BuffEnough:TrackItem(L["Buffs"], BuffEnough.spells["Vampiric Embrace"], false, true, false, nil, nil, true)

    Hope this helps anyone. If needed for people unwilling to do this themselves, I can package up my directory for people, if the Dev doesn't package in these changes. Also, if there's anyone that needs anything added/fixed and the Dev can't get to it, send me a PM and I can try to fix it (might be a trial/error that I have to mail you the code if I don't have a toon to test with).

    Fatherjanus US-Greymane
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    Hi, as an addon author, I "ordered" and recieved my beta key, but I'm not sure where to use it, couldn't find a place in battle.net to use it. Any help would be appreciated.....
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