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    I cant belive you've not heard of this .. the marketing of the game has been INTENSE on any site that has anything to do with gaming/MMO/RPG's ... I've been in closed beta with this game for the past 6 months ... its polished beyond what wow was ( was closed beta tester for wow as well ) at this stage of the game .... definalty worth checking out ... I just couldnt see myself leveling another 10 levels, new gear .. new rep ... was fun .. but for me, wow has run its course

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    You actually make me wanna play this game and so far none of the marketing from EA has good effort :p

    So is this game out yet or not I heard there is some early release thing going on so is it open to the general public now? I was expecting more of a fanfair if it was to be honest.
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    Did this conversation fall off the face of the earth? Or is someone persuing it?

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