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    I was about to wonder the same thing. Isn't it possible to simply always show the timer when you cast scorch and it doesn't get resisted? Well that's a solution that sounds simple at least if you have the full points in the talents, of course gets much more (?) complicated with 1-2/3 talent points spent. Maybe a toggleable option "[x]full improved scorch". It doesn't matter if I couldn't see when others have renewed the full debuff as long as I knew when my own effect would end. :p
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    It really seemed weird that WUU would have a keylogger inside of it although I used the link lejordet gave in this thread to update to the beta version. Though it was also a bit weird that (as I have the icon on my quick startup toolbar or whatever it is) before F-Secure gave me the warning about a something.keylogger (and I of course deleted the .exe), Windows acted as though it couldn't find the program the icon was referring to (the smallish search-window flashed before F-Secure warning).

    I'm now especially cautious 'cause just yesterday (or technically the day before yesterday) one person in our guild was a victim of a keylogger. And he wasn't the first one either. Especially big patch days open opportunities 'cause the regular addon sites might be so overloaded that users seek for their addon updates elsewhere and don't notice it's not the real thing. :/

    It might not hurt to run a repair and full virus scan, anyways.

    And does it have to be identified as a _keylogger_ which is the ultimate threat in wow. :p
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    Quote from Gazban »

    -- Also, the title of the MT frame - would it be possible to just use that as an anchor and have the option to hide it once no longer needed? -- would also, in my humble opinion, improve this great piece of work.

    I second that, with the same thing applying to the cooldowns also. Nothing else needed. :)
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    From what I've experienced the latest version of WUU stops responding after the last download is about to finish. This only happened when i chose "update all", not when I updated some addons individually. Or actually the freezing happens after the final download should have finished (though the downloading bar stucks to the full) and close WUU.

    I'm not sure I quite understood all the talk about the load on demand part of addon downloading. Does WUU prevent some LOD-functions from working resulting in some additional memory usage while playing/loading or is it something I shouldn't really care of while I'm just a regular user?

    Ace really makes life complicated :b

    WUU is the only addon updater I can use since all the others seemed to require .NET 2.0 Runtime.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Something strange happened today actually two times. In Karazhan I suddenly noticed that my action bars had somehow gotten wider (I have an area made with eePanels and they had expanded out of it so it's easy to notice). I adjusted the padding so that they fit again. They don't even have the same amount of padding and they had all gotten some +1 padding change.
    (on a sidenote: omg, firefox crashed and I didn't lose this text, there's always a first time for everything --)

    After the run I idled a bit in IF, went to buy vials, checked something on curse-gaming and when I came back and started riding towards the bank I noticed that the padding had changed again. This time for the opposite direction so I had to add +1 padding to each bar.

    I'm 99,9% sure it was padding and not the scaling that changed. And there was no loading screens involved when this happened, and I have no idea which key combos could have caused this. And I bet this is something no one's ever heard of -_- I don't even get any error messages so I don't think it can be related to profiles not saving.

    The second scaling could have been caused by the first correction of course, but anyway it's odd that there's something that makes the padding first go +1 and then after a couple of hours correcting itself. :p

    BTW. Is it possible to remove the visual countdown for the global cooldown from showing in the buttons each time I cast something? I'm not saying that I have numbers going from 1.5 to 0, just the "darker area that goes clockwise around the button". Either with bartender or with some another mod? I think it's causing a bit of fps-lag cause my portal&teleport-buttons do it everytime I cast something. Ah. Nevermind. It was actually some addon that prevented it from showing on my bank alt. I guess I'll have to switch from OmniCC to CooldownCount. Nice to ask these things here in public and then edit the post step by step when you really begin to think and test the problem...
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    So there's no way of adding a placeholder to those empty spots in raid groups when speaking of that one big vertical column -layout? Nor a tiny little space between each group?
    [group2]<-empty line

    would be too easy if something like this worked:
    [1&2] = { somehow magically includes the following; 
    	[1] = {groupFilter = "1",},
    	[2] = {groupFilter = "2",},
    [3&4] = { somehow magically includes the following; 
    	[3] = {groupFilter = "3",},
    	[4] = {groupFilter = "4",},

    so that it would go
    [1] [2]
    [3] [4]
    [5] [6]
    [7] [8]
    ...including the things mentioned above (those placeholders for missing people), cause I assume this works:
    {defaults = { unitsPerColumn = 5, 
    groupBy = "GROUP", 
    groupingOrder = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8",},
    [1] = {groupFilter = "1,2",}, etc.

    My brain is really mushy.

    And because I'm tired I forgot all the things I really was thinking about, like:
    -(this is just a minor thing) why is Grid marked as out of date (yeah it still works and I always keep the option to load them checked) and umm...
    -it was easy to add a custom layout with some editing of the GridLayoutForHealers.lua (and putting to use one example I read in this thread) but can I do this -> http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Grid/Wish_List#Health_Percentages as easily externally so I wouldn't have to try to replace GridStatusHealth:FormatHealthText manually everytime I'm updating Grid?

    Giev addon developer brains plx.
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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Windows/Linux/Mac) - supports multiple sites
    What's the "E" in the "Upg?" column?
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    posted a message on Grid

    I'm going to see if I can get those to work. They don't directly and I'm not a mastermind in lua coding. After a bit of thinking I got the layout to work as it is in that picture but I wasn't talking about that really since like that I can't see who is in which party cause they're all alphabetically organized. I don't know what attributes should be used. Those links don't give me the tools to make them work, now I just know it is possible.

    edit: Now I can see the percentages. The problem with that was that the answer in that topic uses different kinds of attributes than the real thing (like maxHp&curHp instead of max&cur).

    The layout is still a problem.
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    Sorry if this has been discussed before (56 pages really is a bit too much to go through :p) but there is one thing I wanted to ask about. Or maybe two.

    First of all: Is it possible / could it be possible to show health deficit as the percent of the character's health - as in instead of seeing "this person has lost 520 of his full health" I would see "99%". I don't really know what the "Unit health" part should show when I choose to show that in center text 2 instead of "Health deficit", now it's just an empty option and for me the logical thing would be that it showed what I was just asking for :p
    If the only way I can see how much a person has lost health is by seeing the absolute deficit value, then at least I would like to see the absolute value of the person's max health too. It's a bit different when a tank loses 2000 health versus to say a caster losing the same amount. :)
    Of course I could estimate it from the visual point of view but I really prefer true figures (but not necessarily absolute values).

    The second thing I was wondering is that can I make Grid show groups vertically so that the groups grow vertically and the party members in each group are vertically aligned too? I understand this might bring some "ethical" (:p) issues to whether or not GRID is supposed to work like that 'cause the next step of that would be to give anchors to each group individually... but in a 10-man raid that wouldn't be a problem considering that everyone can adjust the size of the frames. Or actually the original phrase should be "could I get a setting to Grid to align party members within groups vertically too, instead of just alignin the groups vertically."
    Now it's either: party members horizontal while groups go vertical, or: party members vertical while groups go horizontal.

    Some multiborder indicators would be nice too but I read something about them at the wish list / to do -list (can't remember which) so I won't go into that.

    Hope I made any sense. :(
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