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    Guys, does Shadow Unit Frames allow you to FULLY customize the size and position of bars within a frame ..separately..anymore?
    Back in Cata days it used to, but now I don't seem to find that option..
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    posted a message on WANTED: Fully customizable unit frames!
    Hi, I'd like to use the most customizable unit frames out there for WoD. I might not be using any scripting personally, but I would like at least to be able to customize the size, colour, text etc. etc. of every single aspect....separately, such as the health bar, the various text included in every bar, the power bar...you name it.
    Now, I used to use Shadow unit frames back in cataclysm, which for me was the best by far for that...since I could customize aaaaaall of that. BUT, now I am not sure you can customize the health bar size to the fullest anymore for example, even with advanced mode on.
    Please correct me if I am wrong on that and if I am not, indicate a unit frame addon that fulfills those standards.
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