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    Right click on the upper left green bag icon when you have a arcInventory window open. Click "hide blizzard" and uncheck Guild bank.

    Fantastic thanks m8.
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    With todays update i noticed the guild bank now opens into an arkinventory bag window now, nice as it is very annoying that i CANNOT access the info tab that is on the default bliz guild bank, our guild uses this info tab for pricing up items and i have to unload arkinventory everytime i want to withdraw from our bank. Is there a way i can access the info tab or can this be implemented?
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    Quote from pyriel »

    my guild and i have been updating this as often as possible, tonight we are on bloodboil, and still omen2 is so buggy its boarding on useless to us. I have some experience with mods and have done everything i can to get it working but im out of ideas.

    the entire raid is on r67186
    -only one tank is showing up at a time (many bosses require multiple tanks)
    -most peoples TPS is showing at less than 500...waaaay off
    -bloodboil in particular does a debuff which cause no threat to be generated by anyone for 20 seconds, this breaks omen2 for the duration of the fight
    -most players cant see their own threat bar
    -healer and aoe mode seem to be throughly broken
    -overview mod shows players, but the data is incorrect, and is constantly "overwritten" by other bars, making it unreadable
    -often times will not reset after a wipe.

    all players are using the ost up to date ace and threatlib available to us.

    don't get me wrong antriac, im a huge fan of omen, and i really like the idea of omen2...just atm...its not working = /

    Our guild had exactly the same problem tonight on exactly the same boss, at the time we all had different versions running, we all updated and had the same version 67322, but still had strange aggro problems... hope you finda fix soon cause atm on some agro sensitive fights are pretty much impossible to attempt atm
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