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    posted a message on FuBar - TrackerFu Lives!
    I repaired it, and i did some improvements.
    The problem thats the npc-tracking's category is 'other', not 'npc'. If you rep?ir it, it will be good.

    If you choose nothint to track, the tracking name will be the same. Repair:
    In OnTextUpdate insert this line before FOR:
    local have_active = 0;

    And insert these lines after you close FOR:
    if (have_active == 0) then

    And insert a line to Locals file too:
    TRACKER_NO_TRACKING = "Not tracking",

    If there is no tracking in a category, do not display it.
    Insert this before FOr in OnToolTipUpdate:
    local is_spell=0;
    local is_trade=0;
    local is_npc=0;

    And add this to every IF in FOR: (Of course change 'trades' to 'enemy' or 'npc', the same with 'is_trade' and the correct header-string, and delete the original category inserts.)
    if (is_trade == 0) then
    cat['trades'] = tablet:AddCategory(
      'columns', 1
    	'justify', 'LEFT',
    is_trade = 1;

    Good luck for develeping! :)
    (I'm trying to write a working Fubar_Aspect addon. :))
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