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    I use the WAU to update my ace addons. When I read the instructions page it read to me that updating without externals was better, don't remember why. All the addons work fine. The problem I run into is when I am on my bank character for example. I may only want to use one or two addons. So I disable all other addons on the wow addons page and check the ones I want to use. Now the problem is these won't work unless the libraries are also enabled. I have, I don't know, 50+ libraries and I have no idea what addon they belong to. So I have to keep them all checked if I want to use anything which to me totally defeats the purpose of disabling them to begin with. I'm at a loss. Do I go back to updating with externals or is there an addon manager or something that let's me know what libs I can and cannot disable in order to run certain addons.
    Also, besides my problem, is it better to run with or without externals. I have an older computer. 1300+ processor, 2gig ram, and 128mb agi card. I get shit fps no matter what I do. Thanks for your help!
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    I'm have this bug when I target someone it takes one of their buffs and skins it on the unit frame. Example: I target a rogue in stealth. I don't see their stealth buff aura where is should be. Its now their entire unit frame so I can't see their health/energy. This bug has been going on for a month now at least. What can I do to fix it? Using the most updated versions too. Thanks.
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    When I try to unlock CDT and ItemCooldowns i get this error and I can't unlock the anchor.

    Error: attempt to index field 'anchors' (a nil value)
    AddOn: CooldownTimers2
    File: fubar-plugin.lua
    Line: 479
    Count: 1
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