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    Hello, yersterday during the Gurtogg encounter our raid had hugge problems with the threats shown on omen, we all used the r69196 omen version.

    At first we could only see the first tank, then after the first rage or second fel rage the second tank did show ...
    But that's not the only problem, sometimes the second tank died and our feral drood did take over (we did redirection shoots from the hunter on him, I don't know the correct spelling of the hunter's spell, I play with a french client), and he was clearly above everyone on omen yet gurtogg didn't targeted him , but instead he did target the first tank.

    We had another bug, some of our dps classes (hunter and SP yesterday) did gain aggro on gurtogg (we had the two tank way over everyone and they weren't blind, bop, or bumped), I don't know if this is a bugg from omen or the encounter.

    I personnaly hope that it will be fixed soon.(
    sorry for my poor English :p)
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