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    Since the last Patch the graphical ComboPoint View ist barely seeable. It's somehow faded out. Other Elements work just fine.

    2.1.0 interface changelog by Iriel (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=63167579&sid=1):

    Frame alpha now propagates in the same way as scale (though is clamped between 0 and 1 on each object). This means you can cleanly fade the whole UI or specific frame assemblies.

    The problem is that the background of the combo point graphic is the parent frame of actual combo point graphic. In 2.1.0 every frame alpha is multiplied by it's parent frame alpha.

    So just change

    self.frame.graphical[i] = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, self.frame.graphicalBG[i])

    self.frame.graphical[i] = CreateFrame("StatusBar", nil, self.frame)

    and it will look like pre 2.1.0
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    Pitbull seems to break ItemRack 2.0 Beta, that version found at


    I have looked into ItemRack.lua and pinpointed that ItemRack.OnEvent() does not receive the "PLAYER_LOGIN" event if PitBull is active. After disabling PitBull everything works fine again. If I manually trigger the "PLAYER_LOGIN" event by "/script ItemRack.OnEvent("PLAYER_LOGIN")" Itemrack works fine even with PitBull loaded. I have absolutly no idea why ItemRack.OnEvent() doesn't get the "PLAYER_LOGIN" event at loading time if PitBull is enabled.

    There seems to be no issuses with the older ItemRack 1.991 which is more commonly used (but I haven't tested that version).
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