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    posted a message on Mod Request "Power Auras"
    I'm really looking forward to this- I used power auras for a while but then stopped in an effort to make my WoW run more smoothly (my computer is getting pretty old :( )

    I can't wait for an Ace version! And with Bigwigs support and triggers for health and mana and aggro... sweeet!
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    posted a message on Is spamsentry too good?
    I've recently been getting a sort of auto-response back from GM's saying they got my ticket, appropriate actions will be taken etc, and I can't reply to the message. This is on Korgath, I don't know if other servers' GM's are doing the same thing, but it seems like a good idea (and a better alternative to banning the mod :P)
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    posted a message on Skinner
    I haven't had my fubar tooltips skinned for quite a while now- probably since 2.0. I just thought that functionality had dropped out of skinner.
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    posted a message on oSkin
    Quote from Gregory »

    blizzard ready screen not enough height sometimes.

    I also have been plagued by this annoyance. Plagued!
    A fix would be greatly appreciated. :D
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    posted a message on Deuce Commander Questions
    Try Jim's Abacus-

    It both arranges your minimap icons easily and allows you to hide any of them.
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