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    Cooldown timers was one of a kind... i think.. well, i couldn't find anything like it.

    Does anyone know an alternative for it, since it's not being worked on anymore?
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    Say wha? 3-d portraits?

    If that's an addon, i can't find it...

    If it's the property of enabling the 3-d portraits (found in various unit frame addons), that is not what i was trying to ask.

    I was asking if I can change the properties of the unit frames when i change forms, or if an event occurs. I'm specifically looking at mana and health bars (I have skins for the forms i'll be using, ie. 'lion' skin, 'jaguar' skin, 'owl' skin).

    Ah wells, I'm back at home now... gonna do my own research.

    Wellp, i did some searching. It seems there's two other addons that change textures in WoW, aperture and skinner. I tried skinner, but it doesn't directly changes the bar texture of my unit frames. For aperture, it's for viewports... which I have no idea what it is, lol. Tried a dictionary, it aint in any dictionary. Tried in an encyclopedia, led to a page explaining Window_(computing), link is http://www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Window_(computing) (lol, damnation, can't find out how to insert a link in hyperlink). Still dun understand.

    Anywho, tried eepanel2 and found a scripting area in-game, kinda like DART. Now i'm trying to change unit frame texturs using this. Hmmm....

    If eepanel2 dun solve my problem, i'm guessing i'll have to add sum stuff in pitbull's LUA.
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    posted a message on Changing unitframe properties
    How would I be able to change a unitframe's property/ies when an event occurs?

    E.g. A druid, I switch from humanoid to cat, and I want my whole UI to change from a humanoid skin to a cat skin. I already have the images for the various forms of a druid. I also know, with DART, how to change my UI accordingly, but not my unitframes (ie party members, pets, target etc.).

    I've dropped the discord mods though, and changed to using sharedmedia and eepanels, but I still gotta get used to em (DLed em today).

    I'm guessing to change the unit frams (gonna try using Pitbull) I'd have to do some scripting? I haven't used sharedmedia and eepanels yet, and i won't have a chance for a few hours after this post, so... yeah.

    Sorry, if this question have already been answered somewhere (I jus need to search the forums) but my time runs short. If no one answers, then i guess it was answered.
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