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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    First - Love the application. Big fan of Java and was thrilled when I found this. The proxy settings allow me to use it at my university. About that, any chance that the proxy password not be displayed in plain text? Im pretty much the only person that uses my machine but rather safe than sorry.

    Also, when I unmaximize the window when update is in process I get alot of overlapping test. Not huge problem, just cosmetic.

    Thanks for the great program. Much better than WoWAceUpdater.

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    posted a message on InfiniBar - Official Thread
    Hi guys,
    Downloaed the version from files.wowace, assume its current. Anyway, I really like the idea of the mod but how does it work? All I can get is one button per bar. I can get more buttons but it means making more bars. This cant be the way the addon works, I must be doing something wrong.

    I would like to know how I get more buttons on each bar. Thanks guys and sorry for the question but there was no Readme file, what am I to do?

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