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    Hello all! I am wanting to create basically the auction house item frame. I would like to be able to search for an item filter using the tree to the left and dropdowns up top. Pretty much every functionality of the Auction House except with out all the others tabs and using my datasource.

    I looked at the Blizzard Addons for Auction House and I can't really figure out how to inherit from their template. Is inheritance the correct path I should be using to accomplish this or is there another magic frame template I just don't know about. I've found a few other addons that seem to accomplish this, but even looking at their code I can't quite figure out what they are doing. They may just be hooking into already existing functionality.

    I also looked at using lib-st, but after fighting for a few hours to get it to behave correctly with AceGUI I abandoned that plan.

    Would this maybe just be easier starting from scratch with my own frame?

    Also I am using Ace so would AceGUI maybe a solution for this as well or again would custom just be easier?

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    OK maybe I'll have to do some rethinking then. Yeah I saw the tags it supported and it seems to support enough that I would think it would be ideal for documentation such as release notes and in game help.

    I really would like a way to separate out help content from the delivery mechanism. I hate to think I would have to hard code the documentation directly in the lua code in order for this to work.

    Anyhow I appreciate the responses and if anything pops into mind please let me know!
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    Thanks for your response. I am surprised that this would only be available in XML and not Lua as the two should be one and the same.

    If that is the case then any idea on how to pull the html into the SetText method?

    Or do you have any suggestions on how to implement a HTML based help system inside of an addon?

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    Orionshock thank you for your reply, but I do have a few questions then. I found a post out on WorldofWar.net, http://forums.worldofwar.net/showthread.php?t=372060, that shows them using XML to set the html file to display as such.

    <SimpleHTML name="MyHTML" file="MyHtmlFile.html">
        .. Anchors
        .. Size
        .. Layers
        .. Frames
        <FontString inherits="GameFontNormal"/>
        <FontStringHeader1 inherits="GameFontNormalLarge"/>

    and they state this works so basically I was wanting to do this in lua instead.

    If that is not possible then do you know of a way to read the html out of the html file and then use SetText to display it?

    I mean you have to be able to use html files somehow as that is how Blizzard displays certain elements in game as well.
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    Hello all,
    I am in the process of writing my first addon and things in my opinion are going fairly well. I decided to use the Ace library as I have always loved Ace Addons and after doing my research it seemed to fit the bill.

    However with that being said I do have a question about AceGUI-3.0 and the SimpleHTML widget. I believe I have the widget defined correctly and it added to AceGUI correctly, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to assign the html file to it. So this may be a SimpleHTML widget question as opposed to a AceGUI question, but either way any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Basically I have a folder that contains the various help files in html format. What I want to do is simply open a window using AceGUI, which works, and load in the appropriate html file. Below is the code I have so far. The SetText method of the SimpleHTML widget seems to work, but I saw examples online where you can do a file="Help\HelpFile.html" in the XML portion of a SimpleHTML and it pulls the file content. I want to do the same, but from the lua side of things.

    Again any help or direction that you could offer would be appreciated.

    Widget Code

    	local Type = "SimpleHTML"
    	local Version = 8
    	local function OnAcquire(self)
    	local function OnRelease(self)
    	local function SetText(self, text)
    		self.frame:SetText(text or "")
    	local function SetWidth(self, w)
    	local function Constructor()
    		local frame = CreateFrame("SimpleHTML",nil,UIParent)
    		local self = {}
    		self.type = Type
    		self.OnRelease = OnRelease
    		self.OnAcquire = OnAcquire
    		self.SetText = SetText
    		self.SetWidth = SetWidth
    		self.frame = frame
    		frame.obj = self
    		return self

    Create the help frame and assign the appropriate html file

    -- Create a container frame
    	local f = AceGUI:Create("Frame")
    	f:SetCallback("OnClose",function(widget) AceGUI:Release(widget) end)
    	f:SetTitle("Personal Loot Help")
    	--f:SetStatusText("Status Bar")
    	local html = AceGUI:Create("SimpleHTML")
    	html.file = "Help\PersonalLoot.html" 
    	-- Add the SimpleHTML to the container
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