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    *Edited* Talked in PM with Devla, and it was only removal of the DPS addon, still noone that think they can make a standalone dps addon from Telo's Infobar ?

    Dhraga wrote:
    Devla, Did you rip out the DPS from Infobar to work as a standalone DPS addon or just removed it from Infobar?
    <--- *Confused* ;) :D
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    I'm using AbInfo atm, if there was a Aced replacement with all functions from ABInfo I would switch to it in a sec
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    Aye, I have also looked at the others and atm I'm using CombatstatsContinued, I think Telos intergrated Combatstats also is a continued version of the original Combatstats.

    I only want the regular small and simple CombatstatsContinued addon but with the party support that Telo got in his but I dont want to install Telos Infobar since I got other addons doing the rest of Infobar's functions.

    If I was a coder I would shamlessly try and rip out Telos intergrated Combatstats ;) but since I'm not I'm hoping there are a coder that have the time to do it :D
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    Hello all,

    I really like the DPS function in Telo's Infobar 1.7.0, the DPS is the only function I really want out of Infobar since it differs from the other dps addons out there.


    1. Dps in/out meter over the player frame (without the frame and background).
    2. Dps in/out meter to the right of the partymember frame for each partymember.
    3. A combined Dps meter for the whole groups dps at the top of the screen.

    It would be lovely if someone could just strip out the DPS code in Telo's InfoBar and Ace it, anyone up for it ?

    Screenshot of the DPS Information layout in Telo's Infobar 1.7.0:
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    posted a message on A UI job at blizzard
    I think all you guys should just apply for the fun of it, if any of you guys get the job you will make wow a better place.... Don't hesitate, just do it!

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    posted a message on Request for: AceAttack (Put on AutoAttack when using..)
    Your attack code sounds like the one in DY, I would love to try it if I may.

    Btw another thought also, is there anyone that have time to add support for Keyminder in the existing DefendYourself! ?
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    posted a message on Request for: AceAttack (Put on AutoAttack when using..)
    Turan that sounds wounderful, may I just ask what other fuctions you currently got in the addon (Maby something I would like also;) )

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    posted a message on Request for: AceAttack (Put on AutoAttack when using..)
    Hello all coders :D

    I would really love to see a Ace Addon the does one simple thing:

    To put on autoattack when you cast a offensive spell on a target.

    DefendYourself! have this function and even though the 1.6 patch broke all automatic functions, I and my friends still have DY installed just for this function. It seemes kinda waste to have a large addon installed for just using a small function of it, but there are no other addon i found that provides this function.

    Are there anyone of you guys that could write this function in a small addon?

    Kind regards,
    Dhraga of Azjol-Nerub.
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    posted a message on What Addons do YOU use?
    Hiya all,

    I have put together a compiled ui that's called DCUI (Dhragas Compiled User Interface :P ) for me and some of my friends that I play with.

    I have tried to use as many Ace addons as possible without missing out on some functions that I need. I use the Shardtracker 1.33 (Edited by Rowne to work with party monitoring again) and the PartyQuest from Cosmos, hence for I got some functional Librarys from Cosmos in here. But I have no performance issue at all with this UI most thanks to that I replaced many addons with Ace addons ;)

    I dont have a screenshot avalible atm only the download link for the UI http://hosted.filefront.com/dhraga, feel free to comment on this UI if you like :D

    This is the Addons that have found their home in my UI v3.0.1:

    Addon Name Version Author Short Description Required Dependancy

    ABInfo 1500d Ombres Shows spell cooldown display on hotkeys, can also add flash to keys
    ABInfo BlizzBars 1500d Ombres Optional dependancy for AbInfo
    ABInfo CT_BarMod 1500d Ombres Optional dependancy for AbInfo CT_BarMod
    Ace 1.2.4 Turan Functional Library
    AceCommander 0.91 Turan GUI for Ace Ace, AceGUI
    AceGUI 0.1 Turan Toolkit for GUI components Ace
    AceLeash a/R.8 Rowne Automatically releases the minipet Ace, Keyminder
    AceLoot a/R.4 Neriak Automatically positions the loot window under the cursor Ace
    AntiDaze 0.6b Qsek Hunter - autocancels speed buffs if partymember is dazed
    Atlas 1.0.1 Razak Dungeon maps with places of interest pointed out
    AutoPotion 2.3Edited Jooky Autouses health/mana potions/stones at user set hp percent Edited by Rowne to support Keyminder
    AutoRepair 0.61b Kaelten Autoreminds you to repair equipment when visiting a merchent
    BanishAbort 1.3 Alie Aborts spell casting if the target is banished
    bcAspectMenu 1.03 Kugnar Hunter - aspect menu selection from minimapbutton
    Beginnings a/R.4 Rowne A complete startup system by class/character/global using AceProfile. Ace
    BMRecLevel 1.4 Bhaldie Shows recommended zones for the players lvl
    BuffBot 2.32g Gaff Easy buff & cure management for party & raid MapLibrary
    CastTime 1.7.1 Exi Shows the casttime & delays on the castframe
    ChatScroll 1.1.1 Turan Option to remove buttons on chatframe for use of mousewheel Ace
    Chronos (Placeholder) - Rowne Placeholder for Timex Ace, Timex
    CircleStrafe 1.0 Savvy Adds 2 Key Bindings to the Options for Circle Strafing Left and Right
    CollateralDmgMinimizer 1.0 K-motion Gives a warning text if a Civilian of the other faction is targetted
    ColorCycle 1.0 Cragganmore A UI element color control tool for WoW mods
    CombatStats Continued 5.0 Smuggles Shows your combatstats dps in realtime and keeps stats logged
    CountDoom (resurrection) 0.44-1600 Scrum Warlock – Spelltimer that keeps track of spell durations
    CT_BarMod 1.73 The CT Team Lets you add, move, rotate hotkeybars
    CT_BottomBar 1.39 The CT Team Lets you manage the layout on the default bottombar, split, move, etc
    CT_BuffMod 1.73 The CT Team Manages the bufficons, durations, de/buffnames layout
    CT_ItemBuffs 1.33 The CT Team Manages itembuff layout in the CT buff frame
    CT_MailMod 1.3 The CT Team Adds a mass-mail option to let you send 25 items
    CT_MasterMod 1.7 The CT Team The core for all CT addons
    CT_PartyBuffs 1.5 The CT Team Manages the bufficons layout on partymembers
    CT_PartyHealth 1.31 The CT Team Manages the health/percent layout on partymembers
    CT_PlayerNotes 1.2 The CT Team Let you add personal notes to players in your friends list
    CT_QuestLevels 1.25 The CT Team Adds level of the quest to the left of its name in the Quest window
    CT_RaidAssist 1.411 The CT Team The ultimate raid helper
    CT_RaidTracker 1.25 The CT Team Track loot, etc in the raid
    CT_TickMod 2.31 The CT Team Displays your current hp/mana regen ticks
    CT_UnitFrames 1.6 The CT Team Manages the target, player and party frames layout
    Earth 1700 TheCosmosTeam XML Template Library
    Enchantrix 2.0.5 Norganna Provides disenchants information from a prebuilt database Enhanced Tooltip
    EnhancedTooltip 1.0.6 ? Provides a small sepparate tooltip window
    EquipCompare 2.9.3 Legorol Compairs a item with your equipped item of the same type
    FishingBuddy 0.8.3 beta4 Sutorix Adds, fast cast, fast lure, fish watcher, fishing equip manager
    FlightMap 1.7-1 Dhask Remembers and displays all your known flightpaths, cost, time
    FollowTheLeader 1.1.1 Torgo Can put other players using this addon on auto follow or stop by using tells
    FreeBagSlots 0.16 Sarf Shows how many slots that are left in a bag and total
    FriendsFacts 1.3 AnduinLothar Keeps track of your friends lvl & class after they go offline
    FrowningCircle 1.0 Raknor Shaman - Cycles through list of selected totems and casts/recasts them
    Gatherer 2.1.0 Norganna Keeps track of your rescourse findings and marks it on the map MapNotes
    GFW-AdSpace 1700.2 Gazmik Shows a list of vendors for a recipe in tooltip when mousing over it EnhancedTooltip
    GFW-AutoCraft 1700.1 Gazmik Improves crafting with queue buttons also have icons for queued items
    GFW-Feed-O-Matic 1700.3 Gazmik Hunter – Advanced pet feeder addon with lots of features. /feedomatic
    GFW-ReagentCost 1700.2 Gazmik Keeps track of the reagent costs for your recipes KC_Items
    gfxToggle a/R.11 Neriak Toggle function between different graphical settings Ace
    HealBot 0.17.1600 Holgaard Heal management helper and option for conserving mana
    ImprovedErrorFrame 1813 AnudinLothar Improves your error frame
    InspectorAce 1.1 Random Increasing the inspect range and adding addition info. Ace
    KC_Items 0.92e Kaelten Improves Auction, Bank, Inventory, SellValue and many more things Ace
    KC_MasterDB 1.0 Kaelten Adds 21463 items and 15955 sell values to your KC_Items database. Ace, KC_Items
    KC_Mobility 0.90 Kaelten Makes most frames movable by pressing ALT + RightClicking them Ace
    KeyMinder Extended a/R.7 Rowne Helps with automatic functions lost in the 1.6 patch Ace
    Libram 2025 TheCosmosTeam QuestLog notification system. Sea, Chronos
    ListFix R3 Rowne Fixes the mechanism for dropdown menus Ace
    Macromatic a/R.4 Rowne Enhances your macros and lets you bind macros to events Ace
    Magellan 1.1.2 Torgo Marks the map with objects of interrest MapNotes
    MapCoords 0.3 ReCover Adds cursor & player coordinates on the worldmap.
    MapLibrary 1.1.4 Krka Functional library for unit coordinates
    MapNotes (Continued) 1.5d-1700 Oystein Can marke notes on the worldmap and can show them on the minimap
    MapNotesNoteTarget 1700.1 Chrispix Allows quickly note current position, and information on your target MapNotes
    MapScroll a/R.5 Rowne Removes the +/- from Minimap, allows zooming with mousewheel. Ace
    Meteorologist 1.7 TheCosmosTeam Track Sky Channels and SkyAddons by SkyCloud Icon and menu. Sky
    MobHealth 2 2.6 Wyv Displays current and maximum health numbers for targeted mobs
    MoneyFrameNuker 1.0 Turan Replaces the graphical money frame with a configurable text display. Ace, AceGUI
    MonkeyBuddy 1.5.2 Trentin GUI for Monkey addonst
    MonkeyQuest 1.5.2 Tretrin Quest tracker with lots of functions
    MoveAnything! 1.12 Skrag Lets you move, scale, and hide...well...anything at all! (will replace with Visor when it's got a GUI)
    myAddons 2.0 Scheid GUI that lists a large amount of addons + help info
    myBindings 1.2 Turan Improves your keybinding interface Ace
    OutfitDisplayFrame 0.4 Sutorix Utility frame for handeling/swapping collections of wearable items.
    PartyQuests 2251 TheCosmosTeam Displays your party member's quests and questadvances Sea, Earth, Sky, Chronos, Libram
    PetDefend 1.6 Edited Rauen Pet guards the partymembers, Edited by Rowne to support Keyminder Keyminder
    PlayerLinkMenu 1.54 Viper Adds a menu popup when clicking a players name in the chat.
    PVPCooldown 2 Continued 2.52 Alyssa D Adds a timer frame and countdown when you get pvp flagged
    QuestItem 1.2 Shagoth Registers questitem info to tooltip Enhanced Tooltip
    QuickInspect 1.6.4 Cardella Gives you an overview of a target's equipment. Ace
    ReacTips a/R.3 Rowne Allows change of tooltips color and gamma Ace
    ReagentData 2.2.0 GDI Database for Reagent Info Reagent Info
    ReagentInfo 1.5.0 GDI Displays reagent and recipe info in tooltip Reagent Data
    Reputation 0.14 Ergis&Karmond Displays reputation numbers in reputation tab
    RogueTracker .05b Chicogrande Powder status and Blind, Poison, Vanish functions on minimapbuttons
    Rpgo-CharacterProfiler 1.3.1 Calvin Save character info stats, equip, inventory (bags & bank), trade skills.
    ScrollingCombatText 3.5.1 Grayhoof Adds damage, heals, and events as scrolling text above you character
    Sea 2475 TheCosmosTeam Funtional library
    ShardTracker 1.33Edited Cragganmore Warlock – Manages shards, stones and more + partysupport. Edited by Rowne to work with Partys again.
    SheepWatch 1.6.2 Zapi Mage – Shows a moveable progressbar for polymorphed targets
    Sky 2266 TheCosmosTeam Communication library
    SmartPet 2.5.1 Gathier Hunter + Warlock pet manager
    SpellAlert 3.0 Awen Alerts the player when hostile players or mobs start to cast spells
    SpellDPS 0.8 Vincent Calculates the effective DPS, DPM, Healing spells supported
    Stalker 1.1 Turan A highly configurable tracking and announcement aid Ace
    StanceSetsExtended 13 x 8 Smuggles Adds a GUI for WeaponQuickSwap WeaponQuickSwap
    Strip 1.2b Vy Takes off and on all your equipment by the command /striptoggle
    StunWatch 2.3a Vector Rogue – Displays up to 5 progress bar for different stuns
    SwitchFix a/R.3 Rowne Automatically fix messed up scales, alphas, frame positions and more Ace
    TalentConfirm 1.0 Pantheis Opens a dialog box to confirm your talent selection
    Timex ROm15b Rowne The cleanest timing system ever ... Ace
    TotemKiller 0.8-Rewite Evlismoo & Sarf Kill shaman totems by a macro or bindable key
    TotemTimers 6.6 Melki Shaman – Manages your totems and more
    Tweaks 1.01 Torrid A collection of minor changes/additions rolled into one, all toggleable
    UIMem 1.11 Snakexc Tracks and displays your UI memmory
    Wardrobe-lix 1.3.1-lix Miravlix Manages equipment profiles and let you switch among them on the fly Chronos, Sea
    WatchYourBack 1.0 Epij Easily flips your view 180° to see whats chasing you on a key press
    WeaponQuickSwap 26 CapnBry Adds two functions to the scripting namespace called WeaponSwap(...); and MageWeaponSwap(...);
    VeriFly 4216d Donan Opens a dialog box to confirm your flight destination
    ViperConfigControl 1.12 Viper A GUI for configuring Viper add-ons
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