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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    tss1398383123. Thanks. Can you add a txt or zip attachment to your post with the translation?

    Or try and post link.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    There is no specific tool. Look at the function BattlegroundTargets:CreateOptionsFrame().
    The frame GVAR.OptionsFrame.Base contains all tabs (all UI widgets starts with GVAR. and all [3 exceptions] are local). There are currently 4 tabs: GVAR.OptionsFrame.TabGeneral, GVAR.OptionsFrame.TabRaidSize10, GVAR.OptionsFrame.TabRaidSize15 and GVAR.OptionsFrame.TabRaidSize40. If you add another tab you can use the frame GVAR.OptionsFrame.ConfigBrackets as parent for your options or create an extra frame (like GVAR.OptionsFrame.ConfigGeneral) and hide/show the frame(s) if the tab is clicked. Also make sure to set up the width/position for your new tab(and maybe the other tabs) at the end of the function. And you need to make sure that you set/enable/disable your new tab with the functions TEMPLATE.DisableTabButton / TEMPLATE.EnableTabButton / TEMPLATE.SetTabButton and make sure that every other tab-click set/enable/disable your new tab. If you use GVAR.OptionsFrame.ConfigBrackets as parent for your options (thats useful if you want to have the same options as in 10/15/40) you need to update the function BattlegroundTargets:SetOptions(), because there is only one frame for all brackets (10/15/40) and the values are changed when a tab is clicked...and so on
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    posted a message on !BugGrabber has stopped capturing errors...
    Read the error messages from BugGrabber and update or delete the addons that produce the bugs.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    esES updated. Thanks arkdelkaos.

    And I hopefully fixed a bug in the flag debuff stack count.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    ptBR updated, thanks fabriciomind.

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    posted a message on Grid — compact party/raid unit frames
    Lifegiving Seed is strange.

    UnitName('player') = returns always the correct name
    UnitName(all_other_unitIDs) = returns 'Peacebloom' (in localized form) [GetItemInfo(2447)]

    Lifegiving Seed is the only item I know that can change the return value from a UnitName() API call.
    Are there other items that can do the same? Would be interesting to know.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    Quote from SoreGums
    how can I make the box wider so i can see player names??

    width slider

    Quote from Radoznali
    would it be even possible to make such a addon for pve-raids mainly?For fast targeting. and to help with not always accurate tab targeting.

    link to other thread:
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    Thanks. A small role overview for both teams is a good idea, but some kind of raid frames for your side: don't know, rather not.
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    posted a message on AllYouCanEat
    Quote from Dungrath
    Is AYCE supposed to remember what you've consumed across sessions?

    The 'force to scan' is intended. This makes sure that the data on the client is in sync with the server.
    But you are right, the usability is not good. ...saving the criteriaIDs would reduce the need to do a scan at every login. I try to change it. sometime
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    posted a message on [Grid] GridIndicatorCornerPlus
    Quote from no_face

    How i can set the timers on these additional squares like on image. I have to keep track some HoT's on target.

    GridIndicatorCornerPlus adds simple indicators (same as the Grid default corner indicators).

    You need something like GridIndicatorCornerIcons or a text indicator addon.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    Quote from whisper3032
    Is seems that chinese could not be used here.

    Is there other way I can submit a local file?

    You can attach a file to a post OR post a url OR send me a PM with a url.

    Quote from jjlodge

    not sure if its been asked before or im just doing something wrong, but each time i login i have to redo all settings for this mod, is there a way to save the config for each time i log in?

    I have no clue why you have problems to save settings.

    I suggest to do a clean new install:

    1) go to _WOWINSTALLDIR_/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/
    and delete the folder 'BattlegroundTargets'

    2) go to _WOWINSTALLDIR_/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/_ACCNAME_/SavedVariables/
    and delete the file 'BattlegroundTargets.lua'

    3) download BattlegroundTargets:
    and extract to WOWINSTALLDIR/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/

    4) play
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    posted a message on PickPocketTimer
    The problem was:
    I expect a global variable 'LootFrame' and 'LootFrame.numLootItems' after the event LOOT_OPENED. This is the default. If you have no loot changing addon installed you get a valid number in LootFrame.numLootItems after every LOOT_OPENED.

    I didn't validate the variable LootFrame.numLootItems, nor LootFrame.

    Because one was nil, my addon produced an error.

    XLoot changed that variable(s). ([LootFrame.lua] LootFrame_Show(): 'LootFrame.numLootItems = GetNumLootItems();')

    Like I wrote above, I corrected that problem, I simply use GetNumLootItems(). Thats better.

    It's a question in general if I must validate a global variable that is present by default.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    graveyard respawn timer:
    Dont know, rather not. I think about it.

    hide enemy button if out-of-range:
    This would require many additional checks (incombat restrictions) and because of that such a feature is not really usefull at all. You can set the range transparency slider (alpha) to 0 instead.

    range check:
    Hmm, look at the code, mainly the function BattlegroundTargets:CombatLogRangeCheck() (for combatlog based range check) and the code commented with '-- class_range' (for class-spell based range check). There are some additional functions and variables that are important too, but the main differences are the used API functions:
    - combatlog based range check:
    GetSpellInfo(), GetTime() and CheckInteractDistance()
    - class-spell based range check:
    GetTime() and IsSpellInRange()
    I plan to extend the range check with a mix between class-spell and combatlog to get better results from both methods together and maybe with an ultra mode (without throttle) in some future update. maybe.
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    Quote from gamemaster128
    Perhaps you could make use of the method employed in oUF_SpellRange to test for range. This is surely better than registering the combat log event.

    Thanks. I added a similar class-spell based range check. Try BattlegroundTarget-r40 (alpha).

    Quote from digomaciel
    good job!
    about range check, i tested BattlegroundTargets-r37 (alpha), it dont work perfect, some times dont show who are next you.

    Thanks. Try BattlegroundTarget-r40 (alpha). Try class-spell based range check. May be it's better.
    It's impossible to get 100% precise range data from enemies with the current WoW API.

    Quote from rickmende
    this is regarding r36.

    There is an issue with sort by names. ...
    Is there a way to sort player names according to their english letter equivalents regardless of acutes or graves or circumflex or whatever. For example all the variations of E like ALT+0200, +0201, +0202, +0203 all are treated as just "E" for sorting purposes.

    I think about it, rather not..maybe

    Quote from thevix
    Are you making any modifications that would make BGT work in arenas?


    Quote from miki
    thx, really good quality addon.
    add option, set icon on target main assist.

    add on focus macro /targetlasttarget it allows not to lose the current target

    Thanks. I added main assist target and fixed right-click to set focus.

    Quote from Twopro
    you need to add bgt profiles cause every lvl 85 alt i log on i have to re-adjust bgt and its annoying.

    Do you use a different screenlayout for every class or every char? I think about it, rather not..maybe

    BattlegroundTarget-r40 (alpha):
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    posted a message on BattlegroundTargets
    Please test BattlegroundTargets-r37 (alpha) ( and report bugs, especially positiv or negativ feedback about the Range Check, thanks.


    - added CombatLog-based Range Check (DISABLED by DEFAULT) [read NOTES in BattlegroundTargets.lua for more information!]
    ATTENTION: I have tested this feature in multiple battlegrounds. BUT: Please give some positiv or negativ feedback, thanks.
    - added test shuffler to health bar and range check
    - the target/focus/efc/health/range option has now a random appearence in configuration mode
    - optimized targeting (targetexact instead of target)
    - optimized data display if 'player' is dead (better: disabled update if 'player' is dead)
    - some minor optimizations

    NOTES in BattlegroundTargets.lua:
    -- # Range Check:                                                             --
    --   [ VERY HIGH CPU USAGE ]                                                  --
    --   - This feature enables one event:                                        --
    --                         - COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED                      --
    --   - This features is a compromise between CPU usage (FPS), lag/network     --
    --     bandwidth (no SendAddonMessage), fast and easy visual recognition      --
    --     (only: in range OR out of range) and suitable data.                    --
    --   - Disable this feature if you have CPU/FPS problems in combat.           --

    You are welcome to update the -localization- files via svn repository OR post it here OR send me a PM. Thanks.
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