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    posted a message on MoP Interface toc: 50000 or 50001?
    What is the correct Interface toc version for a Mists of Pandaria Release addon?
    50000 or 50001?
    Does it make a difference?

    Will this change with MoP live?

    If I use "## Interface: 50001" does this mean a user needs to enable "Load out of date AddOns" with MoP live? or not?

    GetBuildInfo() (4th return value) in MoP Beta returns 50001.

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    posted a message on CharPrivacy
    Well, I tried to mix "data-mining" (collect information) and "determine" (find relations between information)...but you are right.
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    posted a message on CharPrivacy

    Important Note:
    The current Blizzard implementation has a critical design error: The "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" options does not include the pets and mounts section, which means that it's possible to create an unique account-fingerprint with this 2 datasets! This means also that this addon is useless because of this Blizzard bug. This also means that you can do nothing to avoid an account-fingerprint and so everybody can see all characters from an account (level 10+).

    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    -- CharPrivacy by kunda                                                       --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    --                                                                            --
    -- With Mists of Pandaria it's possible to get all characters from an account --
    -- via 'data-mining' the armory using the 'Community Platform API'.           --
    -- This is possible by matching account-wide achievements (which can produce  --
    -- a unique account-fingerprint) between different character-datasets.        --
    -- Prior Mists of Pandaria this was NOT possible!                             --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Blizzard added an option to disable such 'data-mining'-actions, BUT this   --
    -- option is DISABLED by DEFAULT.                                             --
    -- You need to ENABLE "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" with    --
    -- each character (Interface -> Game -> Display).                             --
    --                                                                            --
    -- This addon simply checks if you have enabled this option. If this option   --
    -- is disabled this addon automatically enables it and shows a message in     --
    -- chat.                                                                      --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Blizzard MUST ENABLE this option by DEFAULT, or better:                    --
    -- change logic, change text and make a real OPT-IN feature.                  --
    --                                                                            --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    zaitezaite, which Grid module do you mean?
    I just begin to check all Grid-related addons from me, but according to http://forums.wowace.com/showpost.php?p=321941&postcount=324 the Debuff Type statuses seems to be disabled by default now. Don't know if that's the source of your problem or if something in a Grid addon from me bugs. todo
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    posted a message on MoP ingame Lua API vs. Community Platform API
    I thought I made clear that I have nothing against the described 'get-all-chars-from-an-account' feature. Expect that I think such a feature should fulfill at least 2 conditions:

    1) DISABLED by DEFAULT (opt-in). (Currently it's implemented as ENABLED by DEFAULT (opt-out), you need to log-in with each char and disable it.)

    2) a set of INGAME functions (ingame WoW Lua API) that provide the same functionality like the brute-force-scan-all Community Platform API provides.
    [Desc: if the data-mined (armory) dataset is big enough it's easy to find identical account-wide achievement criterias - it's a simple find/match task - the correlation between this matches can be used to determine which character belongs to an other = bingo. The best results are obtained shortly after MoP is live, because over time this data will harmonize and when more and more chars have the same account-wide achievement criterias it would be harder to find matches. Sub-Note: Pet Battle provides the function to give a battle pet a unique name; wonderful match base if this is available via armory...]

    And Phanx, thanks for mentioning the real-time activity feed (this should be DISABLED by DEFAULT too). Combined with the new Community Platform API feature 'get-all-chars-from-an-account' the imaginable possibilities are (for me) pure horror.

    And Nevcairiel, you are right the armory data is definitely NO private data. Let's call it 'private-virtual data', 'virtual-avatar data' or whatever. The debate about how to handle such data will increase. Two reasons: 1) more and more games (regardless what category) means more and more virtual data. 2) every game-producing company will try to do everything (most pretend they do so) to fulfill real justiciable 'private data' laws. Because in-game virtual data is not privat data, they can currently do whatever there customers allow with such data...and the step to link it with real account data is, is what? small? illegal? lolwut-shitstorm? no-one-cares?

    Think, Blizard is a good contender to get a new BigBrotherAward in 2013...

    BigBrotherAwards 2012 - Consumer Protection: Blizzard Entertainment

    Someone should bring this debate to the official Blizzard US forum.
    There are 12 days till 5.0.4 and 40 days till MoP.
    The OPT-IN / OPT-OUT thing is a simple thing to change.
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    posted a message on UnitClass error in my code
    http://www.wowace.com/paste/5999/ change line 54/55 to
    local name = UnitName("raid"..num)
    local resprio, lvl = getClassOrder("raid"..num)


    local name = UnitName("party"..num)
    local resprio, lvl = getClassOrder("party"..num)
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    posted a message on MoP ingame Lua API vs. Community Platform API
    Community Platform API - Intro & Documentation:

    UI Development Resources:

    I think there is a big problem regarding the Community Platform API, MoP Account-wide achievements and a lag of equal functionallity in the ingame WoW Lua API.

    I try to explain: With Mist of Pandaria Blizzard introduce Account-wide achievements. This means that someone who scans the complete armory can determine which character belongs to an account. Without Account-wide achievements this is not possible. To my knowledge there is currently no equal function ingame.

    The access to the Community Platform API is throttled, but Blizzard can give permission (if it's not against there rules) to bypass this 'Throttling' ('Application Registration'). Well, even with that 'Throttling' someone can (yeah) theoretically scan the whole armory.

    In MoP there are some functions that can disable 'some'-Account-wide-things (nobody knows what that really is because unless MoP is live the armory is not showing MoP-related things, and so only Blizzard knows...)

    SHOW_ACCOUNT_ACHIEVEMENTS = "Display Only Character Achievements to Others";
    OPTION_TOOLTIP_SHOW_ACCOUNT_ACHIEVEMENTS = "Turning this option on will only display your character achievements when people inspect you or use the Armory web site.";

    The problem is: this 'feature' is DISABLED by DEFAULT. This means: a player must log-in with each char and enable that 'feature'. This requires the knowledge that such functionality exists and how Blizzard implemented it; think the majority of all player does not care or does not know... and well, you must be faster than the armory scanner...

    Here is a simple solution:
    Blizzard should simply implement some ingame WoW Lua API functions that are like:

    -- GetNumCharsFromAccount(guid or 'name-realm')
    -- GetCharFromAccount(guid or 'name-realm')
    local num = GetNumCharsFromAccount(guid or 'name-realm')
    for i = 1, num do
    	local name, realm, guid = GetCharFromAccount(guid or 'name-realm', i)
    	print(name, realm, guid)

    And Blizzard should make clear that with MoP every other player can see all other characters from an account.
    That's fair.
    But it's not fair that only some obscure Community Platform API users can get such information. Or is this the beginning of selling ingame information via the Community Platform API? Hope not.

    Any thoughts?
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    posted a message on UnitClass error in my code
    you should check line 54 and 55 in http://www.wowace.com/paste/5995/

    line 54: local name = UnitName(id)
    line 55: local resprio, lvl = getClassOrder(name)

    the local function getClassOrder in line 21 gets a name not a valid unitID from line 55 = bug
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    posted a message on FlightMaster
    Ohh, think I need to recheck some Horde npc ids too. I found another one that was added 2.x and than changed with cata 4.x or so. Because the npc id is not that important a simple update in FlightMaster-data-NPC.lua was enough.
    Thanks OttoDeFe. fixed in r3: http://www.wowace.com/addons/flightmaster/files/
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    posted a message on FlightMaster
    I have the data from simply playing the game. :)
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    posted a message on FlightMaster

    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    -- FlightMaster by kunda                                                      --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    --                                                                            --
    -- FlightMaster shows all available flight points.                            --
    -- FlightMaster is a flight path time-remaining addon.                        --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Features:                                                                  --
    -- # FlightMaster is language independent!                                    --
    --   The node data is saved in a LOCALE INDEPENDENT way.                      --
    --   You can start WoW with any language and you always get the same data.    --
    -- # Contains all available Taxi Nodes.                                       --
    -- # Contains all Taxi Node NPC-IDs (deci from hexa UnitGUID() [pos 6-10]).   --
    --   (This allows to check them on different websites)                        --
    -- # Contains required condition(s) to access a flight point (if necessary).  --
    -- # Can show missing (and unreachable) flight points in TaxiRouteMap.        --
    -- # Can correct the "TaxiButton"..i - FrameLevel bug in TaxiRouteMap.        --
    -- # Shows a frame while on a flight with duration and other info.            --
    --   - Three different world views: 'Normal', 'Energy' and 'Panorama'.        --
    --     -> The 'Energy' option (Energy Saving Mode) reduces energy consumption --
    --        by approximately 20%-35% (depends). That's true, test it!           --
    -- # Flight duration:                                                         --
    --   - More than 2500 pre-defined flight duration data.                       --
    --   - Flight duration estimate for unknown routes is done in 4 steps:        --
    --     1. other faction OR                                                    --
    --     2. reversed OR                                                         --
    --     3. other faction reversed OR                                           --
    --     4. estimate: single hops AND/OR longest known routes (like 1. - 3.)    --
    --   - Guild Perk Level 21 (MoP) reduces the flight duration by 25%.          --
    --   - Actions that stops flight-time recording:                              --
    --     - Summon:       function ConfirmSummon                                 --
    --     - Battleground: function AcceptBattlefieldPort                         --
    --     - World PvP:    function BattlefieldMgrEntryInviteResponse             --
    --     - LFG:          event LFG_UPDATE                                       --
    --     - Pet Battle:   event PET_BATTLE_QUEUE_STATUS                          --
    --  -> The saved data is always the basic duration (without guild bonus) and  --
    --     is always without any flown-times-divided-through average calculation. --
    -- # Accessible via LibDataBroker addon, Minimap Button, Interface Options or --
    --   slash command '/flightmaster' or '/fm'.                                  --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Notes:                                                                     --
    -- # The following 'flight points' are NOT included because they are one-way  --
    --   flights and the standard taxi events/functions does not work:            --
    --   - The Druid-only flight points (Alliance and Horde) in Nighthaven.       --
    --   - The two Sha'tari Skyguard flight points in Outland.                    --
    -- # Acherus is a valid flight point, but only available for Death Knights.   --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Credits:                                                                   --
    -- The 'flight duration estimate'-code for unknown routes contains parts from --
    -- FuBar_ToFu from Kemayo.                                                    --
    --                                                                            --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

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    posted a message on mmo-champion.com and PTR/Beta Builds
    mmo-champion.com is part of the curse.com universe. That's why I ask here...

    Does anybody know why mmo-champion.com is always posting PTR and Beta release info _BEFORE_ there is the possibility to download any stuff?
    Do they have any special deal with Blizzard?
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    posted a message on API Bug GetAccountExpansionLevel() returns 4 for accounts that have pre-ordered Mists
    I use the following on Live, PTR and Beta servers:
    local version, build, date, tocversion = GetBuildInfo()

    A simple tocversion check is all that is required.

    Because the *.toc-file already contains '## Interface: xxxxx' any addon author should hardcode (with a tocversion check from GetBuildInfo()) any stuff that is not related to that explicit 'Interface' version.
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    posted a message on Addons are now enabled on MoP
    It doesn't matter if you run WoW.exe, WoW-64.exe or World of Warcraft Beta Launcher.exe ... zhCN is not working on BETA right now (ever other locale works). Maybe the reason is quite simple...
    Is it ironic that especially the chinese language does not work? THE panda source habitat...

    Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca):

    Red panda (Ailurus fulgens):
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