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    posted a message on RockComm, talents & twink name list
    Quote from FlareCDE »

    The issue isn't the information it's sharing, it's how it's sharing it. From a core library, on by default.

    yep FlareCDE! And that's EVIL!

    fact is:
    most users download addons with WAU (or so) from this site
    most users never read changelogs
    most users never read sourcecodes
    dl. install. run.

    Why not broadcast (by default!) any other ingame information about an account? WHY NOT?
    Why not share gold, twinks/alts, played time or what-ever? WHY NOT?
    Like sharing data? COOL: Why not publish real name, address, email, bank account information and all above on armory? WHY NOT? (valuable$sell.someday.EULA!)
    Is this private data? uhhhhh... Imagine all the poossibilities for every ad company, for your employer, for your insurance or what ever - they would pay $ to get such data and connect it with other (online-)ad data...

    The point is not the talents...hey I don't care about talent, gold or twinks/alts! The point is about broadcast data BY DEFAULT!!!

    As a user I want to have control about data that is broadcasted!

    well I don't use Rock libs...not now...I stick with old Pitbull, old Cartographer and other good old addons from ckknight (not up to date and less features - but hey they work very well! thx ckk), but the time will come and the versions I currently use take too much time for me to update or the newer ones has some nice features I want: I don't want to use core libs that send data by default - NO core lib here should do that!

    addon/lib from ckknight? suspicious! better check code!
    such a 'feature' in a core addon(lib) is counterproductive

    for me it's about trust/credibility!

    secret service (is watching you)
    (my second name is paranoia and drama ... sorry) :)
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    posted a message on RockComm, talents & twink name list
    Talent broadcast in a Communication Library? why?
    because nobody would use it if it's a separate addon?! uhh right!
    MAKE A SEPARATE ADDON/LIB!!! or just delete it thx

    !!! It's NOT the same as god-damned armory! RockComm talents broadcast is INSTANT! armory is not!


    Please add some kind of twink name retrieval code in RockComm. That would be very funny for all RockComm based addon users like Pitbull/Cartographer/CowTip. (and hey that's a lot;)
    Default broadcast setting SHOULD always be on!

    Imagine all the possibilities! hell!!! funny

    !Scrooge on why not?
    Alfred E. Neuman for president!
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    posted a message on little localization fix for babble spell 2.2 for deDE
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    posted a message on Grid module developer feedback requested
    2 minor small things:

    - possiblity to pass optional SetTexCoord(s) values via SendStatusGained
    By default all icons are displayed with SetTexCoord(0.05, 0.95, 0.05, 0.95). This is ok for buffs/debuffs to get rid of the border, but if I want to show other (ingame)icons with texcoords (eg: RaidTargetIcons/PvP icons) this is a problem.

    - order field in advanced options menu GridFrame.options.args.advanced.args (GridFrame.lua)
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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    notrachel & tauranion: I fixed the toc in GridStatusMTs. Should now work.
    Quote from maia »

    After raiding with the Threat module I can only suggest to change the default colors to dark orange/orangeish-yellow/yellow-greenish as they can then be used with the aggro indicator, which defaults to red (I think). Then you'll end up with a gradient red to yellow indicating aggro and threat.

    That's why I made it customizable, but default colors can change. I tested with different colors, the colors I used for default are clearly recognizable for me...hmm depends on settings and may be some kind of color blindness. Can you give me rgb codes?
    One additional note: I think it is not a good idea to use the same indicator for aggro and threat. For me it is better recognizable if I use border for threat and default upperleft corner for aggro.

    Quote from maia »

    Oh, even though having threat as additional module can offer additional UI status display options, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to merge it with the aggro module and move this functionality to the core. Grid is already too complicated as is, so why not try to make the configuration as easy as possible.

    Merge with aggro module...I don't know, it's up to you and Pastamancer, if you want to do it, it's ok.
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    posted a message on Grid
    a well configured Grid should be number one choice for healers ... 2 or 40 ppl party


    Practical wisdom depends on habit. ...
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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    Indicator: GridIndicatorSideIcons
    DESC: Adds four icon indicators to Grid (top, bottom, left and right).
    OPTIONS: Frame -> Advanced -> Icon (Sides). (Independent Options!)

    Indicator: GridIndicatorText3
    DESC: Adds a third text indicator to Grid.
    OPTIONS: Frame -> Advanced -> Center Text 3 (Middle)

    Status: GridStatusMTs
    DESC: Adds Blizzard, oRA2, oRA3, CT_RA MainTank or Dungeon Finder Tank icon (shield or MT, 1, 2 ... 10) or text (MT or MT1, MT2 ... MT10) status to Grid.

    Status: GridStatusRaidIcons
    DESC: Adds raidicon status to Grid (Player or Player Target).
    Two separate statuses (one for Player another for Player Target).
    To show both at the same time: use GridIndicatorSideIcons or GridIndicatorCornerIcons.

    Status: GridStatusThreat
    DESC: Adds a simple threat status to Grid.
    USE: 'Threat': any indicator expect icon or text indicator | 'Threat: Text': text indicator
    Two separate statuses:
    Status 'Threat':
    This will show three customizable colors depending on the threat that group-/raidmember has on his target.
    Only threats >= 50% are shown:
    1st color: 50% - 70% | 2nd color: 70% - 90% | 3rd color: >90% | 4rd color = aggro color = 100%
    AGGRO resp. aggro color is defined with standard Grid module GridStatusAggro (GridStatusAggro.db.profile.alert_aggro.color) ... so don't disable or delete that module.
    100% threat = aggro!
    Status 'Threat: Text':
    Threat text display as additional status.
    eg: '95%' means player has 95% threat.

    Please only use this indicators/statuses if you NEED it!!!
    Please only use this indicators/statuses if you know how to setup your Grid!!!

    If you are new to Grid: DO NOT USE THIS ADDONS!!! Grid itself has all you need when you start using Grid.

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    posted a message on Buffalo
    yep. Buffalo-r49625: the strings in line 35 and 40 in Buffalo-zhCN.lua are not correct. use old buffalo version, change the strings in line 35 and 40 " not ` or delete Buffalo-zhCN.lua in Buffalo.toc.
    I can't correct it on svn without destoying that translation because it's not unicode.
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    posted a message on Babble-Spell 2.2 deDE fix
    Babble-2.2 r49626 - Babble-Spell-2.2 deDE:

    added: ["Banshee Curse"] = "Bansheefluch",
    fixed: ["Sanctified Light"] = "Geweihtes Licht",
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    posted a message on [Grid] Module request: PallyPower Support
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    So being a human buff bot is better than having an addon manage the buff botting for you?

    Nothing wrong with giving people some options, and having widely used addons making use of each others' related features is (almost) never a bad thing.


    Grid and GridStatusMissingBuffs has everything for druids, palas and priests to buff a group or a single member of your group/raid! No? Show what you have! You want timers? well haha!!! learn tooooooo config Grid and GridStatusMissingBuffs!!! thx
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    posted a message on [Grid] Module request: PallyPower Support
    blabla !

    CONCLUSION: never play a char like a dumb buff bot!

    Use GridStatusMissingBuffs: config it with other standard grid indicators and buff your buddies with the buffs they want: is that toooo difficult?!
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    posted a message on Rock/Ace3 - Regarding drama and functionality.
    automatic updater & automatic install = drama!!!

    1.) download addon you want
    2.) unpack it
    3.) read version history/changelog
    4.) look at changed code

    YOU LIKE IT: install it!

    no automatic updater & no automatic install = no drama!!!
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    I have made some updates to ClosetGnome_Tooltip: (check attached file!)

    - new: added tooltip menu to standard CloseGnome Menu
    - tooltip menu options:
    - new: enable/disable
    - new: customizable tooltip color (default: white)
    - new: shows set count in tooltip
    - DoubleLine (one line fits all) set display in tooltip (default - looks like previous versions)
    - new: MultiLine (two or more lines) set display in tooltip
    - new: Linebreak after n-th sets (only in MultiLine)
    - new: added enUS and deDE localization files

    works fine for me. let me know if it's ok, then i can submit it to svn. thx

    edit: delete attachment. it's on now
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    posted a message on Babble Inventory 2.2 deDE fix
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    posted a message on Babble-Spell 2.2 deDE fix
    Babble-2.2 47430 - Babble-Spell-2.2 updated deDE:

    ["Panic"] = "Panik",
    ["Temporal Rift"] = "Temporalriss",
    ["Wrath of the Astromancer"] = "Zorn des Astronomen",
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