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    posted a message on ClosetGnome_HelmNCloak
    Useless? Well, here we go:


    --- ATTENTION ---
    !!! This addon has still a 2.4.3 toc (20400)! This addon only works if you use the ClosetGnome 2.4.3 version (r80614 from old wowace svn)!!!
    ClosetGnome/ClosetGnome_HelmNCloak 2.4.3 works without problems in 3.0.2
    The ClosetGnome_HelmNCloak 2.4.3 version is not working with ClosetGnome 3.0.2
    --- ATTENTION ---

    Define Helm and Cloak display for ClosetGnome sets.
    If you use this AddOn the first time (with a character) all ClosetGnome sets (from this char) inherits your current helm/cloak setting.
    A newly added set inherits your current Helm/Cloak setting.
    Go to the ClosetGnome Options->'Helm and Cloak' and change each set the way you like.
    Helm/Cloak display is not changed 'on-the-fly':
    Changes made to the Helm/Cloak setting is used when wearing a set!

    If you NOT want to change Helm/Cloak setting for a specific set disable ClosetGnome_HelmNCloak for that set. e.g: This is useful for a riding outfit (most users only have the Carrot/Riding Crop in a trinket slot activ).

    Download: (via project page)

    Style matters! :)
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    posted a message on Babble Tradeskill 2.2 esES
    esES Engineering, Jewelcrafting and Tailoring Recipes added in Babble-2.2-r59824
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    posted a message on Babble-Spell-2.2 and LibBabble-Spell-3.0 esES Greater Blessing of Light spelling
    fixed in Babble-2.2-r59824
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    posted a message on Grid
    r59810 commit: please change embeds.xml to:
    <Include file="libs\LibBanzai-2.0\lib.xml"/>
    (I could do it myself...but hey changing an addon that is not from me is dangerous...)

    But why use LibBanzai-2.0, why now? I mean it's good, but without pet support! well ok it's not really important to many...but Grid >r58645 has pet support and Banzai-1.1 works very well...with LibBanzai-2.0 no aggro status for a pet is available :( not good... Rabbit, pls add pet support to LibBanzai-2.0
    anyway I stick with Banzai-1.1 know
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    posted a message on Babble Tradeskill 2.2 esES
    added in Babble-2.2-r59738
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    posted a message on AHsearch
    Quote from Lindalas »

    I see that you put X-Embeds back in there, however it still doesn't work without externals... not sure why.

    hmm I accidentally removed X-Embeds and OptionalDeps in r56657. don't know why :) ... please try r59734
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    posted a message on AHsearch
    Quote from Lindalas »

    I've been told that the following line needs to be added to the AHSearch.toc

    ## X-Embeds: Ace2, DewDropLib

    Thanks. I accidentally removed X-Embeds in r56657.

    Quote from Xinhuan »

    kunda, all you need to do is to put a


    at the top of your addon, and BrowseName will always be available. If someone loaded your addon somehow prematurely before Blizzard_AuctionUI loaded, then at least your addon will force Blizzard_AuctionUI to load. Normally this wouldn't happen, since there is a ##LoadWith: clause, but this is a fallback solution that works.

    I know!

    Do you remember ?
    And to answer your Reply #13-post in that thread:
    It's not AddOnTest1's author's design failure!
    It's a bug in Blizzard's LoadOnDemand/LoadWith implementation!
    But I don't care: I just do not use LoD/LW unless it's fixed...

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    posted a message on AckisRecipeList - Official Thread
    'Festive Red Pant Suit' is existing. I just checked that ingame. I have updated Babble (and Gnomish Engineer/Goblin Engineer locals - same as Gnomish Engineering/Goblin Engineering [are this 2 still needed?]).
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    posted a message on Babble-Spell-2.2.lua broken since 58001
    erwin fixed that in r58059
    just update
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    posted a message on AuctionProfit
    AuctionProfit saves information from your invoice auction house mails.

    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    -- AuctionProfit by kunda                                                     --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    --                                                                            --
    -- AuctionProfit is a World of Warcraft AddOn that saves information from     --
    -- your invoice auction house mails.                                          --
    --                                                                            --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    --                                                                            --
    -- Features:                                                                  --
    -- - saves server, buyer name, item name, auction count and profit from       --
    --   invoice auction house mails                                              --
    -- - sortable and searchable AuctionProfit window                             --
    -- - shows profit in tooltip and under the sellername in the Auction House    --
    --   (DISABLED by DEFAULT)                                                    --
    -- - shows profit in player tooltip (DISABLED by DEFAULT)                     --
    -- - all tooltip displays (AH, AuctionProfit window and Player Tooltip) are   --
    --   optional and customizable (ALL DISABLED by DEFAULT)                      --
    -- - GUI accessible via Interface Option Menu or Slash commands to view the   --
    --   saved data                                                               --
    --   slash commands: /ap - /auctionprofit                                     --
    --          example: /ap         : open AuctionProfit GUI                     --
    --                   /ap options : open AuctionProfit InterfaceOptionsFrame   --
    --                                                                            --
    -- AuctionProfit ONLY works if you:                                           --
    -- 1.) DO NOT USE addons that auto collect money from your mails!             --
    -- 2.) Click on an invoice auction house mail to OPEN it! Click the money!    --
    --                                                                            --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    --                                                                            --
    -- ATTENTION:                                                                 --
    -- - You MUST OPEN the invoice auction house mail!!! Without opening the mail --
    --   no data is available to save!!!                                          --
    -- - Using addons that automatically pulls out money from auction house mails --
    --   or mails in general (like Postals 'Open all' or 'shift-click' feature)   --
    --   can cause this addon not to save data from this mails.                   --
    -- - AuctionProfit saves the localized item names, because it's not possible  --
    --   to get an itemID from invoice auction house mails.                       --
    --   I don't like localized item names, itemIDs are in all cases better, but  --
    --   unless Blizzard is changing the API so it's possible to get the itemID   --
    --   from an invoice auction house mail I will not change this.               --
    -- - There is no way to get the item amount from invoice auction house mails. --
    --   (read above)                                                             --
    -- - There is currently no way to delete something from the AP database.      --
    -- - Data is saved per server regardless of faction.                          --
    -- - profit = buyout - consignment resp. profit = bid - consignment !!!       --
    --                                                                            --
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --


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    posted a message on LoadOnDemand issue
    You describe the way LoadOnDemand/LoadWith is implemented. That is what I tried to say in my first post. But do you know if this is intended? It's just unlogical(or is illogical the correct word)...but ok...the only way to avoid bugs caused by addons that has a dependency to a LoD/LW-addon is not use it ;)
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    posted a message on LoadOnDemand issue
    @ egingell:
    True. That is how it works. But is this intented?

    @ JaedxRapture:
    I know how to setup AddonTest2 to load correct, but that is not the point.

    The simple point is:
    AddonTest1 is the master (or parent)
    AddonTest2 is a slave of master (or child = depends on master)

    It's unlogical that the slave of master can force the master to load at startup.
    It would be logical if the slave inherits the load conditions from his master. (especially LoD and LW if not explicitly described in AddonTest2-toc, and only AFTER LoD and LW from AddonTest1-toc is happend)

    In other words:
    AddonTest2 (slave/child) author can simply break the load conditions from AddonTest1 (by make AddonTest1 a dependency of AddonTest2). Not logical at all.
    AddonTest1 (master/parent) author has no chance to avoid this.

    Sorry, but I can't understand why this behavior is logical.
    For me this is just a bug!
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    posted a message on LoadOnDemand issue
    Make 2 little test addons:

    1. Addon:
    ## Interface: 20300
    ## Title: AddonTest1
    ## LoadOnDemand: 1
    ## LoadWith: Blizzard_AuctionUI

    DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("AddonTest1 loaded")
    hooksecurefunc("AuctionFrameBrowse_Search", function() DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("test") end)

    2. Addon:
    ## Interface: 20300
    ## Title: AddonTest2
    ## Dependencies: AddonTest1

    DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("AddonTest2 loaded")

    AddonTest1 is set (in the toc) with LoadOnDemand and LoadWith, so AddonTest1 (AddonTest1.lua) is loaded AFTER Blizzard_AuctionUI is loaded.
    AddonTest2 is set (in the toc) with a dependency (AddonTest1), so AddonTest2 can only enabled (in the addon selection window before login) if AddonTest1 is enabled.

    When you run both addons at the same time AddonTest1 is LOADED AT PLAYER LOGIN before AddonTest2 and NOT as described in the toc as LoadOnDemand after LoadWith is loaded. This means that the AddonTest2-toc is overwriting the AddonTest1-toc. The error message blames AddonTest1 (in this example because AuctionFrameBrowse_Search is in Blizzard_AuctionUI which is not loaded at startup).

    Is this logical? No! Anybody know if this intended?

    The only way for AddonTest1 author to not get blamed for a bug (remember: without any other addon that has AddonTest1 as a dependency anything works without an error) is to add:
    ## LoadManagers: Blizzard_AuctionUI

    to the toc...

    which means I can type /script BrowseSearchButton:SetText("test") after login without error, which means Blizzard_AuctionUI and AddonTest1 is loaded at startup! = no LoD!

    Is this logical? Well, it is. According to (Fizzwidget at 11 October 2007):
    Added in patch 2.1. If one of the addons listed in this directive is present, your addon will be
    treated as LoadOnDemand (with the assumption that the other addon will take responsibility for
    loading yours when needed). If no addons listed here are present, your addon will load normally.
    For a useful application of this, see AddonLoader.
    ## LoadManagers: someAddOn, someOtherAddOn

    and WoW 2.1.* changes - Concise list (v2) by Iriel:
    AddOn Features
    * New TOC field: LoadManagers - When the game loads, each AddOn listed in this field is loaded in
    order until one successfully loads. If one of these are loaded, then the AddOn is then loaded on

    LoadManagers works as described.

    But why can AddonTest2 overwrite AddonTest1-toc entries by simply use it as dependency?
    No chance for AddonTest1 author?! Intended?

    Or do I forget something? ...or just not use LoD?

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    posted a message on AHsearch
    Quote from picachu »

    Can confirm since latest AHsearch update the drop down button disappeared, and i get following error every time at login:

    Interface\AddOns\AHsearch\AHsearch.lua:136: AHsearchFrame:SetPoint(): Couldn't find region named 'BrowseName'

    Quote from picachu »

    [2007/12/11 20:07:35-1-x1]: AHsearch-20300\AHsearch.lua:136: AHsearchFrame:SetPoint(): Couldn't find region named 'BrowseName'

    Do you get this error if AHsearch is the only addon that is enabled? I guess not, I think you have an other addon that causes this error by changing default Blizzard_AuctionUI or changing LoadOnDemand of AHsearch in any way.

    The EditBox named 'BrowseName' is in 'Blizzard_AuctionUI.xml'. This xml file (the whole Blizzard_AuctionUI) is load on demand; it is loaded when you click on an Auction Character in the Auction House to open the Auction UI (and btw before AUCTION_HOUSE_SHOW event is fired). This default Blizzard Addon is NOT LOADED at startup!!!

    AHsearch is load on demand if this default Blizzard Addon Blizzard_AuctionUI is loaded!
    So: AHsearch is loaded AFTER Blizzard_AuctionUI!
    So: when AHsearch is loaded, the EditBox 'BrowseName' is available to use it as parent or so!

    Unless you have no problem with AHsearch running alone, your problem has nothing to do with AHsearch.

    Sorry, but to reproduce your error I need to know which addons you use.

    I tested the Auctioneer Advanced Suite (in my last post I tested the classic version only): from
    Enabled all addons (Auc-Advanced, Auc-Filter-Basic, Auc-ScanData, Auc-Stat-Classic, Auc-Stat-Purchased, Auc-Stat-Simple, Auc-Stat-StdDev, BeanCounter, BtmScan, Enchantrix, Enchantrix-Barker, EnhTooltip, Informant, Stubby and Swatter).
    I get NO ERROR together with AHsearch. AHsearch is working fine, I checked this again with BugGrabber/BugSack instead of Swatter, no error...
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    posted a message on AHsearch
    Quote from picachu »

    Can confirm since latest AHsearch update the drop down button disappeared, and i get following error every time at login:

    Interface\AddOns\AHsearch\AHsearch.lua:136: AHsearchFrame:SetPoint(): Couldn't find region named 'BrowseName'

    At least AhsearchNext is working again after last update (it stopped working together with latest AHsearch update too).

    This sounds strange, because AHsearch is now Load On Demand, AHsearch will only load if Blizzard_AuctionUI is loaded and not on startup!

    Quote from acapela »

    i use Auctioneer Classic (i.e. v3.x, not the new "advanced", v5.x), and AHSearch "quit working" today when i updated from wowace. specifically, the search button vanished from the auction UI.

    i looked at the change log, specifically the changes flagged on Dec 6 2007, and i am guessing the new event handling (relative to the blizzard AuctionUI) is not compatible with auctioneer.

    can this be rectified. as well, could support for auctioneer v5.x be added, so that i can move up to the new version?


    I tested
    - Auctioneer 3.9.0-1260 (Beta) (with Auctioneer, EnhTooltip, Stubby and Swatter)
    - Auctioneer 4.0.5 (with Auctioneer, BeanCounter, Bottom Scanner, EnhTooltip, Informant, Stubby and Swatter)
    - Auctioneer 5.0.0.PRE.2616 (with Auctioneer, BeanCounter, Bottom Scanner, Enchantrix, EnchantrixBarker, EnhTooltip, Informant, Stubby and Swatter)

    All versions from All additional addons listed above enabled. I had no problem running AHsearch together with any Auctioneer version above, expect 5.0.0.PRE.2616 told me to update Auctioneer (? but this warning msg had no impact on the AHsearch functionality ...)

    AHsearch and the above Auctioneer versions were the only addons I enabled for that test with default Auctioneer settings. I tested with BugGrabber and BugSack instead of swatter to verify this, and I had no error at all.

    So, I am sorry but I can't reproduce your error. What exact Auctioneer version do you use? (where can I download it?)
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