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    posted a message on oUF2 just a simple question
    thx i send a pm
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    posted a message on oUF2 just a simple question
    and who is the autor?
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    posted a message on oUF2 just a simple question
    ok i've been trying to get those oUF2 for AGES! but i only find this SVN crap (it is crap in my eyes) i got a SVN client or what you guys call it, its TortoiseSVN .... and a nub like me doesnt know how to get the oUF2 downloaded because its digged deep down in your web of 'keep-out-if-you-dont-understand-us'.. but i only want to download them.. can anyone plz explain me how to get them (in newb friendly language) plzz.. or can anyone opload a zip just for me (or many others i they want) thats all i want.... i hope its not too much to ask about but please!
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    posted a message on otravi_UnitFrames 2.0.0 [Alpha] [26.06.06]
    Quote from haste »

    This thread has been made mainly to gather the feedback from the people who are currently using it, but also to let people know about it. I have a small request however, if you want to report a bug, please tell me how I can re-create it. It makes everything a little bit easier now that I can't test myself. Also feel free to request features.

    oUF2 is currently only avaible on the SVN, and it will most likely stay there untill it's more polished. If you want to give it a wiggle, direct your SVN client to: http://svn.wowace.com/root/branches/otravi_UnitFrames/otravi/

    Q & A
    Q: How does the frames look?
    A: Here is a image of the frames while being in a raid

    Q: How can I move the unit frames?
    A: <Alt> Left-Click on the unit frame you want to move.

    Q: Anyway to change the settings? /ouf doesn't contain much.
    A: <Ctrl> Right-Click on any frame. The Dewdrop menu currently only shows up on the player frame, so it's basicly required to have.

    Q: How can I prevent my party frames from hiding when I join a raid?
    A: Go into Interface Options and uncheck "Hide Party Interface", under Raid & Party.

    Q: How can I show the party pets?
    A: Go into Interface Options and check "Show Party Member's pets", under Dispay.

    Q: Is MobHealth2/MobInfo2 and Telo's MobHealth supported?
    A: Yes, they are. If you have any problems, let me know.

    Q: What font is that?
    A: The font is Bitstream Vera Serif (ie. VeraSe.ttf)

    (The intormation above might be slightly incorrect. My computer is currently dead, so I can't do much testnig myself. I would write more, but I have to leave for work shortly.)

    What's planned?
    • Changable buff and debuff display.

    Known issues
    • The party and partypet options are still being worked on. If it doesn't update when you change it - reload your UI with /rl.


    but how do i download them?
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