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    Hello Everybody !

    In below attached print screen in red rounded areas You may see "player" and "player target" buffs and debuffs bar. I cannot figure how I can enable buffs and debuffs timer properly. Or which addon should I tweak.

    First print screen is what I currently have: Click Me !

    Second print screen is what I would like to have ( numbers are added in paint :P ): Click Me !

    I've tried to change OmniCC settings, I've tried delete OmniCC setting from WTF folder and also reinstalling OmniCC completely, nothing seem to help. I've also digged on the internet that this isn't SUF problem.

    I'm little confused and out of options here. Any suggestions what might help me ? I will be grateful for any advice. Except to delete whole WTF folder, that is last thing I would like to do.

    Here is list of addons I'm using:
    Addon Control Panel, Atlast, Atlas Loot, Atlas Quest, Bassicminimap, Bosskilled, Btex, Bartender4, Comix, eAling, DBM, ExtraCD, Ensidiafails, Friends Groups, Gatherer, Handy Notes, Libs, Masque, Move anything, MSBT, NugCombo bar, Omen, OmniCC, Skada, Postal, Prat3, Quartz, SUF, SilverDraggon, TidyPlates, Swater, Slidebar, Titan Panel.
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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Goldpaw's gUI3 (MoP)
    Emm i'm retarded. Problem solved. I had modified files in wrong version. I was using files that are too current, I've notice that after 1,5 hour xD...

    Thread can be closed / deleted.
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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Goldpaw's gUI3 (MoP)
    Hello everybody !

    I have a little problem with my UI since last gUI ( MoP ) update. All pop-up frames has been changed into black semi-transparent windows. Before last update they was like blizzard default windows which i really like and I want them back.

    I'll show You example.

    Before update frame's was like:

    And after it was like:

    I would like went back to the state before update but i don't know how... I've spent few hours digging in settings and tried even delete my WTF and Chache folders. That didn't fix the problem.

    Anyone have any idea how to change it ? Last thing I want to do is WoW folder being wiped.
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