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    Let me start off by saying that this mod looks awesome and I'll definitely be using it when emergency monitors and intelligent target choosing go away with BC.

    I have three suggestions... I quickly browsed the thread, I hope I didn't still manage to miss these being mentioned.
    1. Is there any chance there will be any ability to detect distance to target? It would be invaluable to me if I had some way of not trying to heal people out of range, or at least being aware too far away for me to help quickly.
    2. I would love to see some sort of hover indication over the entries when I mouse over. I am constantly frustrated when rapidly clicking on ctraid frames, I tend to hit between targetable frames and it's difficult to identify who I really am casting the heal on (when using clique).
    3. (this one's more of a pipe dream, but I'll mention it anyway) The grid, as I'm guessing from the screenshots. is awesome for picking a target to act on. This is excellent, but once I'm healing a target I'd optimally get more detail, a detailed panel for the last grid person I clicked on for example, so I can try and cancel a heal if it's going to overheal.

    Finally a question, I understand from the WoW boards that in BC there will be the concept of a focus in addition to a target, so you can have someone targetted and still perform actions on someone else. Will the grid change target, focus, or either or?
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