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    As a hunter I don't need to be able to see the raidframes all the time. With X-Perl I had the option to bind a key to toggle between showing and hiding the raidframes. I also had a keybind to switch between sorting by class and by group. Both of which are features I'm currently missing in PitBull (or is there already slash or script command to do this?).
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    First off - I've seen "Buff Watching Addon" thread below and thought about posting there below but it's not quite what I had in mind really. I also asked on Elitist Jerks forum if an addon with this functionality already existed and got pointed to XRS. I also looked myself for an (ace or non-ace) addon. XRS is nice, but on the one hand it does much more than what I need and on the other hand it doesn?t do the thing I want the way I want.

    Now what do I want:
    I used to use RDX pre-TBC for my druid. One of the features I enjoyed about it was a custom window that showed all the names of the people in my party/raid and within buffing range that didn't have Gift or Mark of the Wild. When clicked on a particular name I buffed MotW to that person and the name disappeared from the list. If the list became empty, the whole frame was hidden until someone unbuffed came into buffing range.
    Having a list means I can see that a buff is missing and who?s missing it on first glance. Hiding the whole list allows for having a rather large window at an prominent position of my UI without irritating me in normal gameplay when everyone should be buffed anyway. Both of which are features I wasn't able to reproduce with XRS.
    I'm aware that such a list won't be possible in combat (at least changes to it) but I don't really mind about it in combat anyway. For all I care the window could and should be hidden in combat anyway even if there're still names on the list. Out of combat though everything I said should be easily doable.
    I'd love if someone could do this small addon or point me to another addon that does the things I want it to. :)
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