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    Quote from WowSteve
    The more I look at this set up, the more I want it for my own! The only problem is I can't for the life of me figure out how to put the bars over the unit portrait like that in Pitbull 4. I'm assuming the code on the original post is for PitBull 3 based on the post date.

    Can anybody help me do this in PB4?

    anyone instruct me how do this?

    I need the portrait to either be displayed above the health/cast bar or below it so i can overlap it

    Need it to look like the image above. The only way i can manage to do it is by stretching the portrait image after it is aligned centrally as a bar but then the portrait looks stretched
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    doesnt escape do that?
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    Ive just upgraded to bartender4 for wotlk and i have problems.

    Whenever i set a keybinding initally using the bartender4 menu it works fine and the keybinding works fine until i log out and then log back on again after which i discover the keybinding has gone.

    It seems the keybindings only lasts for my wow session and then when i log on later its gone

    this is annoying and frustrating as i never had problems with bartender3

    need help badly
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