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    Great add-on ;)

    Bug report :

    is not Bassin d'Arathi but Bassin Arathi ;)

    elseif locale == "frFR" then
    BattlegroundTargets_BGNames = {
    ["Vallée d'Alterac"] = "Alterac Valley",
    ["Goulet des Chanteguerres"] = "Warsong Gulch",
    ["Bassin Arathi"] = "Arathi Basin",
    ["L'Œil du cyclone"] = "Eye of the Storm",
    ["Rivage des Anciens"] = "Strand of the Ancients",
    ["Île des Conquérants"] = "Isle of Conquest",
    ["La bataille de Gilnéas"] = "Battle for Gilneas",
    ["Pics-Jumeaux"] = "Twin Peaks",
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