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    BigWigs Extra spanish localization

    (Maybe the tranq file i'll have to look after (since its very difficult to find a mob to test it) but the rest is right)
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    Since they are a lot of files to change,and putting here one by one it's a little awful, i have uploaded to megaupload (i know, it is a horrible site, but i dont know any other site that let me upload withouth logging).

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    I searched for it in wow-lista.com (sort of spanish thottbot) and since in thottbot is "Summon Imp" (capital letters) in spanish it is "Invocar a diablillo" (not capital).

    Rest same as before.

    I don't have a warlock of my own to check personally, but i think they are acurate.
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    ["Imp"] = true,
    should be
    ["Imp"] = "diablillo",

    ["Succubus"] = true,
    should be
    ["Succubus"] = "s\195\186cubo",

    ["Voidwalker"] = true,
    should be
    ["Voidwalker"] = "abisario",

    ["Felguard"] = true,
    should be
    ["Felguard"] = "guardia maldito"

    ["Felhunter"] = true,
    should be
    ["Felhunter"] = "man\195\161fago",
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    posted a message on Babble-Boss esES fix
    -- Outlands
    ["Doom Lord Kazzak"] = "Se?or Apocal?ptico Kazzak",
    should be
    ["Doom Lord Kazzak"] = "Se?or Apocal\195\173ptico Kazzak",
    -- Karazhan
    ["Strawman"] = "Espantap?jaros",
    should be
    ["Strawman"] = "Espantap\195\161jaros",
    -- Battle of Mount Hyjal
    ["Rage Winterchill"] = "Rage Winterchill",
    should be
    ["Rage Winterchill"] = "Ira Fr\195\173oinvierno",

    ["Archimonde"] = "Archimonde", is right (until i know)
    -- The Underbog
    ["Overseer Tidewrath"] = "Avizor Aleta de C?lera",
    should be
    ["Overseer Tidewrath"] = "Avizor Aleta de C\195\179lera",

    -- The Mechanar
    ["Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill"] = "V?gia de las puertas Giromata",
    should be
    ["Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill"] = "V\195\173gia de las puertas Giromata",

    ["Nethermancer Sepethrea"] = "Abis?lico Sepethrea",
    should be
    ["Nethermancer Sepethrea"] = "Abis\195\161lico Sepethrea",

    ["Gatewatcher Iron-Hand"] = "Vig?a de las puertas Manoyerro",
    should be
    ["Gatewatcher Iron-Hand"] = "Vig\195\173a de las puertas Manoyerro",

    -- The Botanica
    ["High Botanist Freywinn"] = "Gran bot?nico Freywinn",
    should be
    ["High Botanist Freywinn"] = "Gran bot\195\161nico Freywinn",

    ["Warp Splinter"] = "Deshecho de distorsi?n",
    should be
    ["Warp Splinter"] = "Deshecho de distorsi\195\179n"

    -- The Eye
    ["Kael'thas Sunstrider"] = "Kael'thas Sunstrider",
    should be
    ["Kael'thas Sunstrider"] = "Kael'thas Caminante del Sol",

    ["Thaladred the Darkener"] = "Thaladred the Darkener",
    should be
    ["Thaladred the Darkener"] = "Thaladred el Oscurecedor",

    ["Master Engineer Telonicus"] = "Master Engineer Telonicus",
    should be
    ["Master Engineer Telonicus"] = "Maestro Ingeriero Telonicus",

    ["Grand Astromancer Capernian"] = "Grand Astromancer Capernian",
    should be
    ["Grand Astromancer Capernian"] = "Gran Astromante Capernian",

    ["High Astromancer Solarian"] = "High Astromancer Solarian",
    should be
    ["High Astromancer Solarian"] = "Gran astrom\195\161ntico Solarian",

    ["Void Reaver"] = "Void Reaver",
    should be
    ["Void Reaver"] = "Atracador del Vac\195\173o", -- (NOt 100% sure)

    ["Devastation"] = "Devastaci?n",
    should be
    ["Devastation"] = "Devastaci\195\179n",

    ["Cosmic Infuser"] = "Infusor c?smico",
    should be
    ["Cosmic Infuser"] = "Infusor c\195\179smico",

    ["Staff of Disintegration"] = "Staff of Disintegration",
    should be
    ["Staff of Disintegration"] = "Bast\195\179n de desintegraci\195\179n",

    ["Warp Slicer"] = "Warp Slicer",
    should be
    ["Warp Slicer"] = "Cercenadora de distorsi\195\179n",

    ["Netherstrand Longbow"] = "Netherstrand Longbow",
    should be
    ["Netherstrand Longbow"] = "Arco largo de fibra abisal",

    ["Phaseshift Bulwark"] = "Phaseshift Bulwark",
    should be
    ["Phaseshift Bulwark"] = "Baluarte de cambio de fase",

    -- Ring of Blood
    ["Murkblood Twin"] = "Murkblood Twin",
    should be
    ["Murkblood Twin"] = "Gemelo Sangreoscura",

    ["Murkblood Twins"] = "Murkblood Twins",
    should be
    ["Murkblood Twins"] = "Gemelos Sangreoscura",

    ["Rokdar the Sundered Lord"] = "Rokdar el Se?or Hendido",
    should be
    ["Rokdar the Sundered Lord"] = "Rokdar el Se\195\177or Hendido",

    ["Warmaul Champion"] = "Campe?n Mazo de Guerra",
    should be
    ["Warmaul Champion"] = "Campe\195\179n Mazo de Guerra",

    -Black Temple
    ["Illidan Stormrage"] = "Lord Illidan Tempestira", (is right util i know)

    ["Mother Shahraz"] = "Mother Shahraz",
    should be
    ["Mother Shahraz"] = "Madre Shahraz",

    ["The Illidari Council"] = "The Illidari Council",
    should be
    ["The Illidari Council"] = "Concilio Illidari",

    ["High Warlord Naj'entus"] = "High Warlord Naj'entus",
    should be
    ["High Warlord Naj'entus"] = "Gran Se\195\177or de la Guerra Naj'entus",

    ["Teron Gorefiend"] = "Teron Gorefiend",
    should be
    ["Teron Gorefiend"] = "Teron Sanguino",

    ["Gurtogg Bloodboil"] = "Gurtogg Bloodboil",
    should be
    ["Gurtogg Bloodboil"] = "Gurtogg Sangre Hirviente"

    ["Essence of Desire"] = "Essence of Desire",
    should be
    ["Essence of Desire"] = "Esencia de Deseo",

    ["Essence of Suffering"] = "Essence of Suffering",
    should be
    ["Essence of Suffering"] = "Esencia de Sufrimiento",

    ["Essence of Anger"] = "Essence of Anger",
    should be
    ["Essence of Anger"] = "Esencia de C\195\179lera",

    ["Reliquary of Souls"] = "Reliquary of Souls",
    should be
    ["Reliquary of Souls"] = "Relicario de Almas",

    ["Shade of Akama"] = "Sombra de Akama", --(as said in ther first post)

    --Gruul's Lair
    ["Gruul the Dragonkiller"] = "Gruul the Dragonkiller",
    should be
    ["Gruul the Dragonkiller"] = "Gruul el Asesino de Dragones",

    ["High King Maulgar"] = "High King Maulgar",
    should be
    ["High King Maulgar"] = "Su majestad Maulgar",

    ["Kiggler the Crazed"] = "Kiggler the Crazed",
    should be
    ["Kiggler the Crazed"] = "Kiggler el Enloquecido",

    ["Blindeye the Seer"] = "Blindeye the Seer",
    should be
    ["Blindeye the Seer"] = "Ciego el Vidente",

    ["Olm the Summoner"] = "Olm the Summoner",
    should be
    ["Olm the Summoner"] = "Olm el Invocador",

    ["Krosh Firehand"] = "Krosh Firehand",
    should be
    ["Krosh Firehand"] = "Krosh Manofuego",

    --Serpentshrine Cavern
    ["Hydross the Unstable"] = "Hydross the Unstable",
    should be
    ["Hydross the Unstable"] = "Hydross el Inestable",

    ["Fathom-Lord Karathress"] = "Fathom-Lord Karathress",
    should be
    ["Fathom-Lord Karathress"] = "Se\195\177or de la profundidades Karathress",

    ["Morogrim Tidewalker"] = "Morogrim Tidewalker",
    should be
    ["Morogrim Tidewalker"] = "Morogrim Levantamareas",

    ["Leotheras the Blind"] = "Leotheras the Blind",
    should be
    ["Leotheras the Blind"] = "Leotheras el Ciego",

    ["Shadow of Leotheras"] = "Shadow of Leotheras",
    should be
    ["Shadow of Leotheras"] = "Sombra de Leotheras",

    ["Coilfang Elite"] = "Coilfang Elite",
    should be
    ["Coilfang Elite"] = "Elite Colimillo Torcido",

    ["The Lurker Below"] = "The Lurker Below",
    should be
    ["The Lurker Below"] = "El Rondador de abajo",

    In general, I fixed some of the rare characters (vocal with acute accent ?=\195\161 ?=\195\169 ?=\195\173 ?=\195\179 ?=\195\186 ?=\195\177) and names of bosses that I know (pity those are not all of them)

    I tried to put under the Instance they belong trying to make easier the change for you

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    posted a message on Omen Spanish localization
    L:RegisterTranslations("esES", function() return {
    ["Active With Pet"] = "Activo con mascota",
    ["Activate Omen when you have a pet"] = "Activar Omen cuando tengas mascota",
    ["Active When Solo"] = "Activo en solitario",
    ["Activate Omen when solo or in a battlegroups (testing purposes only)"] = "Activar Omen en solitario en campos de batalla (proposito de prueba solo)",
    ["Aggro Gain"] = "Ganancia de Agro",
    ["Alpha"] = "Alfa",
    ["Allow Omen to send threat data to people using KLH Threat Meter."] = "Permitir a Omen mandar datos de amenaza cuando haya alguien usando KLH Threat Meter",
    ["Always show Omen"] = "Siempre mostrar Omen",
    ["Prevents Omen from hiding itself when ThreatLib is disabled"] = "Previene que Omen se oculte cuando ThreatLib est\195\161 desactivado",
    ["Always show self"] = "Siempre mostrarse uno mismo",
    ["Always show your position on the meter, even if you aren't in the top X slots."] = "Permite mostrar tu posic\195\173\195\179n en el medidor, incluso cuando no est\195\161s en los X huecos superiores",
    ["Animate Bars"] = "Animar barras",
    ["Arrows"] = "Flechas",
    ["Bars"] = "Barras",
    ["Background Color"] = "Color de fondo",
    ["Bar Height"] = "Altura de la barra",
    ["Bar Texture"] = "Textura de la barra",
    ["Bar Color"] = "Color de la barra",
    ["Border Color"] = "Color del borde",
    ["Classes"] = "Clases",
    ["Clear Threat"] = "Limpiar amenaza",
    ["Clears the raid's threat lists. May only be used if you are a raid leader or assistant."] = "Limpia las listas de amenaza de la banda. Solo puede ser usado si eres lider de banda o asistente",
    ["Columns"] = "Columnas",
    ["Color"] = "Color",
    ["Compare Threat Velocity"] = "Comparar velocidad de amenaza",
    ["Custom Color"] = "Color personalizado",
    ["Display"] = "Visualizaci\195\179n",
    ["Display options"] = "Opciones de Visualizaci\195\179n",
    ["Disables warnings while you are in Defensive Stance, Bear Form, or have Righteous Fury"] = "Desactiva avisos cuando estas en Actitud defensiva, Forma de Oso o tienes Ira justa",
    ["Disable While Tanking"] = "Desactivar cuando tanqueas",
    ["E-TPS"] = "E-TPS",
    ["Fade out"] = "Desaparece",
    ["Font"] = "Fuente",
    ["Grow Upwards"] = "Crecimiento aguas arriba",
    ["Left-click and drag to create a pullout bar\ncomparing your threat to "] = "Click izdo. y mantener para crear una barra\ncomparando tu amenaza con",
    ["Lock"] = "Bloquear",
    ["Lock the Omen window so that it may not be moved"] = "Bloquea la ventana de Omen para que no pueda ser movida",
    ["Make numbers greater than 1,000 shorter; i.e., show 4,302 as '4.3k'"] = "Hacer n\195\186meros mayores de 1000 m\195\161s cortos; p.e. muestra 4302 como '4.3k'",
    ["Name"] = "Nombre",
    ["None"] = "Ninguno",
    ["No target"] = "Sin objetivo",
    ["No tank"] = "Sin tanque",
    ["Number of bars"] = "N\195\186mero de barras",
    ["Offset"] = "Compensaci\195\179",
    ["Outlining"] = "Sangr\195\173a",
    ["Outline"] = "Sangr\195\173a",
    ["p1"] = "p1",
    ["p1 speed description"] = "Ajusta la suavidad de los datos de APS. Un valor bajo resulta en una actualizaci\195\179n m\195\161s r\195\161pida",
    ["Player's Bar Color"] = "Color de la barra del jugados",
    ["Pin/Unpin the Omen window"] = "Bloquear/desbloquear la ventana de Omen",
    ["Precision"] = "Precisi\195\179n",
    ["Publish to KTM"] = "Publicar en KTM",
    ["Pullout Threat Bar"] = "Barra de amenaza atrayente",
    ["Remove"] = "Remover",
    ["Reset Position"] = "Resetear posici\195\179n",
    ["Resets Omen to the center of the screen"] = "Resetea Omen al centro de la pantalla",
    ["Right-click to set properties for"] = "Click dcho. para estabelecer propiedades para",
    ["Save current skin as..."] = "Salvar textura actual como...",
    ["Scale"] = "Escalar",
    ["Select the skin to use"] = "Seleccionar textura a usar",
    ["Select which classes to show on the threat meter"] = "Seleccionar que clases mostrar en el medidor de amenaza",
    ["Shorten Numbers"] = "Acortar n\195\186meros",
    ["Shift-right-click to open the Omen menu"] = "May\195\186sculas-Click dcho. para abrir el menu de Omen",
    ["Show"] = "Mostrar",
    ["Show Self"] = "Mostrar uno mismo",
    ["Self Color"] = "Color propio",
    ["Show Aggro"] = "Mostrar Agro",
    ["Aggro Color"] = "Color de agro",
    ["Show Aggro Gain"] = "Mostrar Ganar agro",
    ["Show Column Headings"] = "Mostrar encabezados de columna",
    ["Show KTM Data"] = "Mostrar datos de KTM",
    ["Show party revisions"] = "Mostrar revisi\195\179n de grupo",
    ["Show data coming from people using KLHThreatMeter rather than ThreatLib. People using KTM will be denoted with a *"] = "Mostrar datos de usuarios de KTM en vez de ThreatLib. Ser\195\161n marcados con un *",
    ["Show Version Number"] = "Mostrar n\195\186mero de versi\195\179n",
    ["Show Warnings"] = "Mostrar avisos",
    ["Show Warning Message"] = "Mostrar mensaje de aviso",
    ["Flash Screen"] = "Destello en pantalla",
    ["Show Test Bars"] = "Mostrar barras de prueba",
    ["Show Title"] = "Mostrar t\195\173tulo",
    ["Show TPS"] = "Mostrar APS",
    ["Size"] = "Tama\195\177o",
    ["Skins"] = "Texturas",
    ["Skin Settings"] = "Preferencias de texturas",
    ["Sound to play on threat warning. Hold CTRL when selecting to hear the sound played."] = "Sonido en aviso de amenaza presionar CTRL cuando se seleccione para oir el sonido",
    ["Stretch Bar Textures"] = "Estirar texturas de barras",
    ["Threat"] = "Amenaza",
    ["Thick Outline"] = "Borde grueso",
    ["Toggle Omen"] = "Mostrar Omen",
    ["TPS"] = "APS",
    ["TPS Update Frequency"] = "Frecuencia de actualizaci\195\179n de APS",
    ["Threat Per Second"] = "Amenaza por segundo",
    ["Update Frequency"] = "Frecuencia de actualizaci\195\179n",
    ["Use Custom Bar Color"] = "Usar color de barra personalizado",
    ["Use Default Color"] = "Usar color por defecto",
    ["Use Default Texture"] = "Usar textura por defecto",
    ["Use Default Bar Height"] = "Usar altura de barra por defecto",
    ["Use skin..."] = "Usar textura ...",
    ["Warnings"] = "Avisos",
    ["Warning: Passed %2.0f%% of %s's threat!"] = "\194\161Aviso: Se ha sobrepasado el %2.0f%% de amenaza de %s!",
    ["Warning Threshold"] = "Aviso del Umbral",
    ["Sets the the threshold at which you will be warned of your threat level. When your threat is greater than this percentage of the aggro holder's threat, you will be warned."] = "Establece el umbral en el cu\195\161l te avisa de tu nivel de amenaza, cuando tu amenaza es mayor que ese porcentaje de quien mantiene el agro ser\195\161s avisado",
    ["Warning Sound"] = "Sonido de aviso",
    ["Width"] = "Anchura",

    ["Click|r to toggle the Omen window"] = "Click|r para mostrar la ventana de Omen",
    ["Ctrl-Click|r to open the options menu"] = "Ctrl-Click|r para abrir el men\195\186 de opciones",
    ["Shift-Click|r to issue a threat clear request"] = "Mayus-Click|r para mandar una petici\195\179n de limpiar la amenaza",
    } end)
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