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    Ok, I have a bit of a complicated question.

    I want to set a background for an addon known as PallyPower.

    So far there are two problems I have found;

    1) The default panels won't disappear, I have to run a script to get them to go away. The script that I have used so far is as follows


    for i=1, 11

    for k=1, 11
    for j=1, 25

    This script works to remove all of the default background panels, but I am having trouble to get it to trigger when I load in, any help on where to put this and any functions I need to get it to fire is appreciated.

    2) The bigger problem is there are so many anchors and parents that need inputting, I would need around 260 panels to cover everything, which is a bit much :)

    I was hoping some form of script could either change the size of a panel depending on how many of each class there are, or anchor and parent a panel to each one with a similar for loop used before.

    The main problem with the first option is PallyPower doesn't label itself depending on classes. It numbers the frames depending on how many different classes there are in the raid although it is always in the same order.

    Any help with these problems are much appreciated, I have been working for a while to try and get this to work.
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