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    I will try this this evening.
    As i recall #showtooltip works for macros which are dragged from the blizzard macro frame into infini bar slots, but not for embedded makros. I hope #show will do the trick, that would be great.

    Edit just triied does not work. Here one example:
    #show [stance:3,nocombat] Prowl; Catform
    /cancelform [combat][noform:3]
    /dismount [mounted]
    /cast [nostance,nomounted]Catform;
    /cast [stance:3] !Prowl
    /equip [nobutton:2] item:29390
    /equip [button:2] item:33509

    This works in the blizzard ui showing either Prown or catform. As an embedded macro in Infinibar it shows, if in Catform and already stealthed, the icon of item:29390. Disclaimer: Ability names might be a bit wrong as i am using the german client.
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    As this thread is quite lengthy i do not know if this was already addressed.

    I have several makros like
    /use trinket or /equip weapon
    /cast ability

    the problem is that the icon parser always shows the trinket/weapon (and more importantly its cooldown) as icon.

    So i would be very very glad if you could implement an parser for #showtooltip.
    It might of course be that i simply overlooked something as i had the feeling that #showtooltip worekd correctly in earlier versions of infinibar.

    Nevertheless thak you very much for this addon as it allows for my 60+ macros. :D
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    I unfortunately had no time to read this entire thread. But i wanted to say that i really love this Addon.

    But I have two proposals
    a) Would it be possible that in the list only those buffs are shown that are provided by your actual class.
    b) I would kill for cyCircled support.

    So again thanks for the addon ans the work you are doing.
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