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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    One question and one bug found in SVN rev 51654 ( beta).

    Question: am I being dense, or is there no way to bind a key to the "water" button? I've looked through bindings.xml, and it just seems to be missing, though there are bindings for Food, etc. Is there some way to create a new dynamic key binding for categories? If so I can see why this would be neat for people creating completely new categories, but isn't water something that should be in the base distro? Personally the only bound keys I used on the old AutoBar were bandage, food, and water - everything else I clicked on as needed.

    Bug: this is minor. If you shift-click the AutoBar icon to make the bars go green, then while they are green disable one (in my case the druid bar, which I hadn't really wrapped my head around until I saw it's outline), then shift-click the icon again, the druid bar remains on screen in green while the other active bar becomes locked again. I'm sure it's just how the bars are being iterated over in the shift-click handler; perhaps ignoring the "enabled" state of the bar during that handler would be a good idea - even though what I did to cause it to happen can easily be attributed to "stupid user syndrome". If you follow through with other bars for other classes, it might become more prevalent.

    Thanks for all the work. Came as a bit of a surprise, but everything seems to be working for me save the water key binding right now.
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    I updated FUB-25 on Jira with some more details as well as a SV file before load and after exit, as well as a list of other ace addons I use in case this is a library issue.

    Something's definately screwy, as after exit some plugins appear on both the top and bottom panels in the SV. Assuming the process of writing the in-memory state to the SV is not broken, that suggests that the problem is in the placement when you have two panels. It places all the plugins that the SV tells it to place on the top panel, then looks for unreferenced plugins (the way it would for a newly installed addon) and also places them on the top panel instead of checking if the unreferenced plugins are actually referenced on the bottom panel.

    I haven't seen much in the way of specifics from people in this thread as to where things are ending up vs where they should be, but for me it has always been a plugin that should go on the bottom panel getting placed on the top. I haven't seen a situation where a plugin that my SV says goes on the top gets placed on the bottom. If other's experience is the same, that would match my theory, but I haven't looked at the FuBar code yet -- I'm just speculating based on what I see in-game and in the SV file.
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    Quote from CJNyfalt »

    It seems to me that when a quest has a followup with the same name, they both get counted as one repeatable quest. No idea how this could be fixed. Quests doesn't have unique ids?

    I just noticed this with "Down the Scarlet Path" (the main questline for Alliance Scarlet Monastary). Parts 2 and 3 have the same title. One starts and ends with the same NPC, whereas the other starts with one NPC and ends with another (in different zones even).

    Perhaps the tuple (QuestName,GiverName,EnderName) would help weed some of this out? I'm honestly not sure how many chains there are with identical titles that are given and ended by the same NPC.
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    Quote from Jerry »
    You can install it and verify that it works, but don't send me the result yet.

    Minor bug: it tries to unregister from PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD every time through it's main event, even though the event can be called multiple times in a run if you ding or spend talent points.

    Just needs a IsEventRegistered or whatever the AceEvent call is to protect the unregistration.
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    I had originally posted this in the wish list:


    and I see that Cartographer now offers a tablet of multiple notes when there are several closely grouped. Thanks much for implementing this.

    I am confused however as to how I select from one in the tablet. I can't seem to move the mouse from it's current position into the tablet because the tablet dissapears as soon as I move a few pixels. Is there some way to lock the tablet so that my mouse movements are within it, or for a click to give a dewdrop menu of what's in the tablet?

    Or is this what the changelog refers to by "sorta"? If it's just not implemented yet, I'll just wait. Just trying to not go crazy getting something to work.

    > Cartographer - changed note tooltip system so it's generally handled in Cartographer, allowing for multiple notes to show their
    > tooltip simultaneously (sorta)

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