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    posted a message on WoW UI Updater (Win/OSX/Linux, supports multiple sites), 1.6 thread
    Quote from lejordet2
    Okay, doing a "pseudo-release":

    WUU 1.8.596 win32
    WUU 1.8.596 source/linux

    MD5 sums:
    0be8306ace5116f1a7751e7f2b5fb8e1 *
    84ee70f06dd004402f6b1b5ba08e2ece *

    (old mac files:
    WUU 1.8.595 osx
    WUU 1.8.595 osx light version

    This fixes the Curse problem (including adding support for "Install from URL"), and removes a lot of WoWAce stuff (so that identifying Unknown addons actually works)

    I haven't got access to the Mac now, so this is a Windows/source build only (the Mac version uses the source package to autoupdate, so downloading 1.8.595 and letting it self-update should be sufficient)

    Hey man since Echoes of Doom just came out all my addons, were out of date. I went to open up WUU and it alerted me of a new download, I downloaded and installed via the updater. Tried to open WUU and got no GUI but the process showed as running and then immediately closing. I redownloaded both (beta and stable) versions from the site, installed in public and private folders, and even on seperate discs. I then tried all methods again but updating to both versions from the updater. Still the process just starts and ends. Could you please help me out? I'd really like to use my addons with 3.0!

    PS I'm using Vista Home Premium.

    PS2 Whoah all of a sudden the beta opened up. I don't think Cursed works though amirite?
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