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    I believe this could be done using the GUILD hidden message rather than the RAID one. It would require your members to have a mod downloaded. oRA/CTraid works via the raid hidden chat messages currently.. but could be easily changed to handle the guild.
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    Quote from Ammo »

    Damn that's ugly.



    Here is an example of this not working well:

    Bar 1 (10s duration:
    Bar 2 (2minute duration:

    You should remember (especially on bosses like Noth) there are bars for blink (relatively short) and a bar for teleport. Your idea would make bars have stupidly small scales in order for them to fit on people's screens or scales which just go off the end of a screen.

    Edit: I read you wanted to use a log scale, in which case I refer to my QFT with Ammo.
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    Here is a good idea...

    You did it for hunter tranqs, so why not allow a candybar for shieldwall and challenging shout to be broadcasted to the raid. The shield wall will be very useful for healers and the challenging shout would be very useful for those spiders in the spiderwing.

    I would really like that to be implemented Ammo!!!!!!

    Edit: You can increase the duration of shield wall with talent points. Are you able to check how many talent points someone has, or can you hook it right off someones local cooldowns??
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    Quote from Axium »
    It's also handy to have it monitor sunder debuff durations.  For example, when 5 sunders are applied more often than not (depending on your weapon speed) it's better threat generation to move to HS spam/revenges/sslam (if you have it) than to spam sunder.


    That is the worst thing i have ever heard. Sunder armor is an instant attack.. That means weapon speed does not affect it. Sunder armor is the best threat generating attack besides revenge. Slam actaully generates less threat, the only real use for it is the dispell magic chance that it has. Heroic Strike is on next swing, so you can use that as well as your instants.

    If you don't play a warrior, i forgive you... so good luck with this mod.
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    Zomg at this mod. I have been looking for it actually xD
    Although... this gives me a little too much info tbh, is it possible to modify it to something like this (talked to ammo about it, could be something in the works)

    | Asuryan - Rebirth 12m 4s  |
    | Moonbloom - Rebirth 24m 9s |
    | Ammo - Soulstone 8m 56s  |
    | Tal - Shield Wall 14m 3s  |
    |   - Challenging Shout 1m |

    I was thinking of something that looks like the above, only shows people with cooldowns and what is cooling down. (names required for warriors at least since we have 2 cooldowns). I would like to see this with the same background that squishy has.. so that it looks almost identical but with that information above! (maybe even a scroll bar at the left hand side if you want to set a specific size??)

    (Maybe i should get ammo to teach me how to make an ace2 mod like this.... hehehe he will kill me (or himself) :D)
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    I don't know exactly, since we downed him. Did you look at the lua for that boss on that revision number. I haven't updated since 2 nights ago, so I can't really tell what the error was. Pauleh just said 'Anyone get an error just then?' and the people who do talk on vent said yes. I can remember the 4 bars, I'll try and draw it (can't remember the exact bar names)

    |==========Wave 1==========|
    [icon]|======Back from balcony======|
    |==========Wave 2==========|

    There was just no visible icon next to the wave 1 and wave 2 bars (i'm pretty sure that the bars were lined up something like that, at least there were 4 and bars for wave 1 and wave 2 were not together).

    (is there a mod like Improved Error Frame which exports errors logged to a text document? That would be pretty neat)
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    Hey Ammo,

    You got us to download a release of bigwigs the other night at Thaddius. Since then we have been getting a (minor) error with the Noth the Plaguebringer bossmod. When he's on the balcony, 2 new bars appear (with a little bit of lag (<1sec))... I think the error is on the bars named Wave 1 and Wave 2, because they do not have any icon appear on the left hand side as any other bar would.

    (P.S. Ammo is a gnome and can't DPS :x!)
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