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    posted a message on Addon to expedite finished missions
    I think Garrison Mission Manager does similar to breeze too, plus more..

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    posted a message on Addon to expedite finished missions
    ^definitely not a fan of the master plan ui, keen to see how they improve it though
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    posted a message on Wormhole centrifuge destination translation
    Very simple idea this if someone wants a niche (from what I can assume) easy project, just an idea to save people time in trying to remember which clue takes you to which location, basically an addon that will add the locations to the list on the engineering wormhole centrifuge..


    A jagged landscape = Spires of Arak

    A redding-orange forest = Talador

    Shadows... = Shadowmoon Valley

    Grassy plains = Nagrand

    Primal forest = Gorgrond

    Lava and snow = Frostfire Ridge

    Most of those are admittedly easy to figure out from the clue, but an addon like this could save time and stop you second guessing.
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    posted a message on Crowd sourced world boss announcer thingy
    Basic idea I have is an addon which crowdsources or uses background communication channel (like carbonite/OOQueue) to;

    a)announce when a player is in range of a world boss to other players with the addon on your faction/server - think something like NPCscan, but relaying this info to the other addon users.

    b)relay the info of when a world boss kill was made to other addon users on faction/sever and give said users an approximate time for the next spawn.

    c)keep some statistics on average/expected spawn times

    Probably not the simplest addons idea to code, I'm not sure whether this sort of thing would be against the TOS either? But would be cool if someone could pick this idea up and run with it (if it hasn't already been done)

    The benefits would be great though;
    *less people missing out on world bosses because they can time other activities around it.
    *less waiting around for people to get over to the boss.
    *would make life far easier for people with multiple toons that do world bosses for each
    *possibility of some nice world pvp battles, particularly at the start of the weeks reset for the more lucrative bosses.

    Anyway, hope my wording hasn't been too confusing, thanks for reading!

    Any thoughts, other ideas, changes?
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    posted a message on Wintergrasp reminder timer
    pretty simple but very handy addon this would be, one that's desperately needed for those of us forgetful like me (i've had a quick search and haven't found any addons that do this yet!)

    basically it would allow you click on the wintergrasp npc and read the time til the wintergrasp battle will open, then use the internal clock to determine when to give you an on screen reminder that the BG will be starting soon, perhaps allowing you to set a reminder for X minutes in advance.
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