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    I now read a lot about importing notes with the Cartographer-Import. In the last entry about this in this forum I read something about renaming MetaMapEXP.lua to Metamap.lua and then changing exp_MetaMap_Notes to MetaMap_Notes.
    But this only imports notes I created myself. Or am I wrong?

    Ores and Herbs are saved like the following in :
    exp_TRK_Data = {
    ["Tausend Nadeln"] = {
    ["creator"] = "<someCharName>",
    ["xPos"] = 0.7628951072692871,
    ["ref"] = 53,
    ["yPos"] = 0.9380242824554443,
    ["count"] = 3,
    }, -- [1]

    <someCharName> replaced with one of my char-Names of Course.
    I think this isn't imported cause there is nothing in the import.lua file about the ref. So it can't know hat to import.

    Have anyone done such an import before and how could I do this?

    It would be wonderful to find this function in the next release of cartographer_import so i can totally use cartographer again.

    Thank You


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