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    Firstly, I apologize for not having sifted through 48 pages of posts (o.O).

    In MG2, when you grouped your party together, setting aura/buff options created a semi-transparent bar above/below each partyframe if you selected buffs to appear in those respective spaces.

    Currently, when I group my party together and set the buffs to be displayed below (1 line) each partyframe, those buffs appear underneath the healthbar of the next party member, with the 5th party member obviously being the only member where the buffs appear unobstructed.

    If it hasn't already been requested, with party members grouped, please allow some space or create a semi-transparent line for buffs to appear in if they are to be displayed above or below party member names. At the moment, I currently have them ungrouped and spaced manually apart.

    Oh, also, perhaps I'm doing this incorrectly, but is there a way to locally save a custom profile (with custom name or even default) for one character and load those settings for another character and/or account? Right now it seems I have to move and rescale my frames everytime I change to a new character or if someone logs on with a different account on my computer.

    Sorry for being verbose, and I apologize if I am reiterating some suggestion/comment already made. Thanks in advance.
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