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    Quote from Brmonkey »

    Anyone know where I can download some Bartender 3 layouts? I've seen the circled one, but I'm more interested in the layouts that look glossy and the ones that are a little glossy and have a sort of... arrow? pointing up (can be seen in this SS:

    All of that is from a mod called cyCircled. It's Ace, and it works on a few other mods if I'm not mistaken; autobar being one that I know it works on for sure.
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    Quote from Avar »

    I finally have my UI to a place I am some what proud of.


    Nice an clean looking, only thing that really stands out if ElkBuffBar. If you copy the LiteStep.tga file from Surfaces and open the ElkBuffBar.xml file you can change the texture for EBB. It's roughly line 55 and should look like:
    <BarTexture file="Interface\AddOns\ElkBuffBar\BarTexture.tga" />
    Ex: Change to -> <BarTexture file="Interface\AddOns\ElkBuffBar\LiteStep.tga" />

    Also you can change the colour of it to black or something else by modifying the line (56?):
    <BarColor r="0.5" g="0.5" b="1"/>

    I haven't played with this yet, however the RGB values are pretty much 0 = 0% and 1 = 100%. In theory all 0 would be black and all 1 would be white.

    Hope this helps! Have fun.
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    I'm still playing with a few things here and there but I thought I'd post where I'm at now.

    And here's my incredibly long Mod List:
    \\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons
    !BugGrabber, !StopTheSpam, !Swatter, AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, ag_UnitFrames, ArcHUD2, Atlas,
    AtlasBattlegrounds, AtlasDungeonLocs, AtlasFlightPaths, AtlasLoot, AtlasLootFu, AtlasOutdoorRaids,
    AtlasQuest, Auctioneer, aUF_Banzai, AutoBar, AutoBarConfig, Automaton, Baggins, BanzaiAlert, Bartender3,
    BeanCounter, BtmScan, BugSack, Capping, Cartographer, Cartographer_Herbalism, Cartographer_InstanceNotes,
    Cartographer_Mining, Cartographer_Quests, CharacterInfo, CharacterInfoStorage, Chatr, ChatrAlterEgo,
    ChatrBacklog, ChatrBuddies, ChatrChanneler, ChatrCrayons, ChatrDM, ChatrFilter, ChatrShoo, ChatrSounds,
    Chronometer, ClearFont2, ClearFont2_FontPack_1, ClearFont2_FontPack_Maho <- My own custom changes, Clique,
    ColaLight, CooldownCount, CT_MailMod, cyCircled, DeuceCommander, EavesDrop, eePanels, ElkBuffBar, EnhTooltip,
    EQCompare, Fizzle, flagRSP2, FuBar, FuBar_BagFu, FuBar_ClockFu, FuBar_DurabilityFu, FuBar_FuXPFu, FuBar_GuildFu,
    FuBar_HonorFu, FuBar_LocationFu, FuBar_MailFu, FuBar_MoneyFu, FuBar_oRA2CooldownFu, FuBar_OutfitterFu,
    FuBar_PerformanceFu, FuBar_TrainerFu, FuTextures, Grid, GridSideIndicators, InFlight, InFlight_Load, Informant,
    KC_Mobility, kEnergy, lern2count, LootAlert, MapLibrary, MarioFX, MCP, Mendeleev, MonkeyBuddy, MonkeyLibrary, 
    MonkeyQuest, MonkeyQuestLog, MrPlow, oCB, oCD, OneBag, OneBank, oRA2, Outfitter, Paprazzi, PeriodicTable, Prat,
    RecipeBook, RecipeRadar, sct, sct_options, sctd, sctd_options, ShowMyChat, simpleMinimap, Skinner, Soundtrack, 
    SpecialTalent, SpecialTalent_UI, SupplyAndDemand, Surfaces, TinyTip, TinyTipExtras, TinyTipOptions, xcalc, XLoot, 
    XLootGroup, XLootMonitor, XPBarNone, Yatlas

    **Notes that he needs to reduce the amount of mods he uses**
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    posted a message on eePanels (official thread)
    One thing of note with the current patch. If you change your profile for, using myself as an example: >> Profile: Shadow Council - Horde << The panels seem to stay. I'm going to try to take the old settings I had and merge them into the new profile settings and see what happens. I also did not delete my WTF settings. Good Luck and I hope this helps.
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