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    posted a message on Gathermate probs.
    I loved cartographer and how it showed location of nodes on the map and minimap. Since Cartographer professions is no longer supported I downloaded gathermate. I installed this today and it seems to not work. I have looked for a config tab for the addon and I can not find one. I went through all of my other addons and tried them 1 by 1 to see if im haveing a confliction of some sort. Does any one know what Im doing wrong? Am I missing something important that I overlooked?
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    Ok this is getting very fustrateing. I can not find a viable link to download Curse any where. On the dev site it shows files but no link to download it. All I want is something to replace WAU. If any one knows of a better program please share. I do not have the time to comb through the world wide web hopeing I will find a updater I trust. My personal opinion is that the Dev's should have never taken WAU off line.
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