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    posted a message on Parrot 1.0 Beta for the 2.4 combat log
    fontOutlines for triggers dont appear to be working.

    Tested on r81033 with Nightfall on an affliction warlock.

    Size, font and colour seems to work fine.

    Nightfall from my parrot.lua sv

    	["fontSize"] = 30,
    	["color"] = "7f007f",
    	["class"] = "WARLOCK",
    	["font"] = "Calibri Bold",
    	["name"] = "Nightfall!",
    	["fontOutline"] = "THICKOUTLINE",
    	["sound"] = "Simon Chime",
    	["conditions"] = {
    		["Self buff gain"] = "Shadow Trance",
    	["icon"] = "Nightfall",
    	["sticky"] = true,
    }, -- [14]
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    The "Buff Weapon Off Hand" button status is not being saved between sessions.

    It will reappear if disabled or removed from the basic bar on your next session.

    Tested on a rogue with poisons with the latest alpha
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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    Quote from Alure »

    I'm currently using the lastest build, r41574, and it is still occuring. :(

    Current timers are disappearing for a second or two when I apply a debuff to my target that CT tracks. (Just to reitterate)

    EDIT: Just thought I'd use an example to clear up what I'm saying. Say for example CT is already tracking my SnD and the timer is going. I apply rupture to my target and my SnD timer bar that CT is tracking will dissapear for a second or two.

    EDITx2: I found the problem, it was my own fault. Thanks anyway. Again, an excellent addon Ominous.

    Thanks again.

    How did you fix the disappearing timers issue?
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    posted a message on EnchantList - Allows everyone to check what enchants you can make
    Worth also taking a look at something similar done which works for Gems for JC's.

    As stated earlier this mod would be great if it was expanded to cover multiple professions :)
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    posted a message on EnchantList - Allows everyone to check what enchants you can make
    Any chance of removing (or making an option to toggle on/off) the <EnchantList> prefix in the whisper reply as it makes a lot of the enchants wrap onto 2 lines especially when the enchanter has a long character name.

    eg (my chat window is fairly wide):

    [timestamp] [W To] Windlepoons: !enchant Lesser
    [timestamp] [W From] Windlepoons: <EnchantList> [Enchant Weapon - Lesser
    Elemental Slayer]
    [timestamp] [W From] Windlepoons: <EnchantList> [Enchant Weapon - Lesser
    [timestamp] [W From] Windlepoons: <EnchantList> [Enchant Weapon - Lesser


    Additionally searching for "Enchant" or "-" will return all the enchants that the enchanter can do. Whilst useful this can probably be abused (may cauuse disconnect if the enchanter is flooding multiple targets repeatedly). So an option to toggle off searching for the above would be useful. You could have an option that limits the number of enchants returned to something configurable as well.

    Also an option to limit queries from players who are in the same guild as the enchanter for either the results that return a large number of enchants or just being able to query in the first place.

    Finally supporting other professions such as Alchemy, JC etc would definitely be a big plus (see a mod called ChatMats for dumping reagents into chat on alt+left click).

    Thanks for a very good addon.
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