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    I'm no sure exactly where to post this.

    I'm wondering what the restrictions on file types there are with the SVN. Clearly LUA, TGA, TOC, etc are allowed but are other text files allowed as well?

    In my project I would like to include a set of PHP, javascript and sql fies that are part of the WebUI for my project. Before I try and commit anything I'd like to know if those files a permitted or not. It would be great if I could start having version control on them. :) I do plan on having the folder ignored in my .pkgmeta until a true beta gets reached.

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    I was having issues with doing scrolling tables of my own, which in turn was limited my drive to actually code anything. This little library solves all the headaches, thanks for that.

    I'm building a DKP mod as well, and I needed a table that could handle selection, at least single select. I have added that into my copy of the library.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in implementing that feature into the base library? I'd be glad to offer the code changes I have.

    It's a simple addition, and I imagine just adding an additional flag to the CreateST function you could toggle it on and off easily.

    What I did basically was:
    Changed the Row from a frame to a button.
    Gave each row an ID and an Onclick
    In each onclick it checks a variable in the scrolling table, I called it selected. When you click it puts a table into selected ["id"] is the row's ID, ["data"] is the data row. Now that I think about it, it might have issues with a sorted grid, but that shouldnt be a hard fix.
    As well as refresh will toggle LockHighlight() or UnlockHighlight().

    There might be some glaring holes in my code, I haven't tested in that extensively as once I got it working I had a raid to run to.

    Anyway, thanks again for making my life a thousand times easier.
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