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    posted a message on CDT2 and Eavesdrop.

    Does anyone know how I can change the alpha values of the bars generated with cooldowntimers 2 ? I had the vague notion that I might be able to change the values in the bar library it uses ?

    Also is it possible to make eavesdrop unclickable so I can target people through it :)
    (To the author - Having a key to toggle clickability would be nifty)

    Best regards
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    posted a message on [Request]Keybindings
    Why exactly do you want to copy his keybindings ? - Would he not have spells in the wrong place for you ? =)

    On the subject of keybindings you might want to look at this mod: SpellBinder. This mod lets you bind keys to spells or macros without using your buttons.

    Downloadable from this site via aceupdater or look for it in http://files.wowace.com/
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    posted a message on Disable tooltips.
    Quote from Seerah »

    Anywho, why not use Grid for your second set of compact frames?

    Cause I want a fully featured player frame to click on, that will also provide enough info about life and mana. Grid does not show it in a way that I find suitable.

    SS http://ctscreens.net/7394

    The frame to the right of my char is what i use to click cast heals on myself, its currently just the focus frame >_< I am wanting to free up the focus frame for silencing healers in arena :)
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    posted a message on Disable tooltips.

    Does anyone know how i can disable tooltips when mousing over my AG UnitFrames ? Similar to the way Grid lets me do it. This is a problem for me as i use Tipbuddy centered on my mouse so the tooltips cover my unitframes when mousing over them :)

    On another subject, does anyone know how to make extra unit frames with AG unitframes ? So i can have one set of player/party frames that are ignored by Clique and a second more compact set that can be clicked for spell casting.

    Best regards
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    posted a message on SKMap ? Any alternatives ?
    Does anyone remember the mod "SKMap" ?

    Its basically a suped up version of KOS, which keeps a database of every opposite faction person you had seen and when you last saw them, as well as kill/death/times-seen information. It let you assign people to be on friendly or at war. As well as letting you sort the database view to descending/assesending on any of the information it contains, IE person who killed me most/ you killed most, guild that killed you most etc etc. It also showed on the map where you killed people and got killed by people.

    If anyone has a mod that does this for TBC I would be greatly appreciated, or if someone wants to start one ^_^;
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    posted a message on FuBar ClockFu
    Hey, not sure whos doing this - But someone keeps uploading onto the SVN a version of Fubar ClockFu with a small error in it.


    Line 203 reads:

    name = COLOR or "Color",

    But should be:

    name = "COLOR" or "Color",

    If someone could upload that change lol.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    As a former user of Castparty and nurfed (For the ToT'sT feature)

    AG unitframes are a brilliant replacement for Nurfed and i can see who the raid boss is targeting whilst having my Main tank targeted so i can heal him with keys and heal the rest of the raid with clicks.

    But in PvP I had the Castparty unit frames active as well as nurfed ones, that is "player" and "target" frames just to the right of my character - This meant i could look at the middle of my screen as see everything i needed as well as having a frame to easily click on to shield/renew/flashheal etc and show how much life i have left :)

    Clique does an ok job of replacing the click part of Castparty - But what I'm really wanting is a way to duplicate AGs frames IE have two copies of player and target, and let them have different styles so that i can have a smaller frame to the right of screen center to click on.

    At the moment I'm making do by /focusing myself, but that does not let me have a target of focus shown.

    if anyone has an idea on how to do this I would like to hear from you.

    PS, I still want to keep the standard player/target/ToT etc in the top left while PvPing as well, as i use that when I'm trying to find out who that pesky mage is about to POM pyro so i can save him :)
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