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    My guild used an in-house mod to run loot auctions during raids. The author of that is no longer available to update it.

    What the mod did was this:

    You would type /dogdkp [item link][item link][item link] and hit enter. It would pop open a box that listed those loots. It also contained a Clear List button to remove all those.

    Clicking on one of the listed loots would do a /rw that announced what item was up for auction as well as some directions. It would also pop open a new box that showed names of people bidding on the item.

    People would then send a tell to the person running the auction. The tell would say !bid !def or !down and the mod would record that into that 2nd box.

    From there the mod pulled data from a file that is updated via our server (separate from this mod). It would use that data to list the people bidding in order of DKP. It also took into account being a member, recruit, and attendance percentage (from the file). Clicking the item again would spam /rw one more time. Clicking it a third time would announce last call. The 2nd window had 3 buttons I think. One to list the results in /raid, one to list in /o and one to clear the list.

    Now, I have the mod available. It worked through Sunwell, which is when I left for a while. Upon returning I find that 3.0 must have broken it. It does not throw any errors, it just simply does nothing.

    Typing /dogdkp [item] just does absolutely nothing.

    I'm willing to learn but I have never done a single bit of moding or anything with LUA. What I'm looking for is somebody that might be willing to take a look at the mod and help me modify it to work with 3.0.

    I can be contacted here, or you can send a PM to OdinTGE on our forums here: http://www.delusions-guild.com/modules.php?name=Forums

    If anybody is willing to help we could use IRC/AIM/Steam or email to discuss it.
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