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    Oh - the only way that I was able to detect which module was the offending one -- was to improve AceDB's message:

    error ("Usage: AceDBObject:GetNamespace(name): [B]'" .. name .. "'[/B] - namespace does not exist.", 2)
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    Quote from Stanzilla
    1x Grid-r1363\GridCore.lua:149: Usage: AceDBObject:GetNamespace(name): 'name' - namespace does not exist.
    AceDB-3.0-21 (Ace3):665: in function `GetNamespace'

    I tracked this down to GridSideIndicators/GridSideIndicators.lua.

    The following is the added initialization code + the subsequent error that I received for having a missing "Reset()" method ::

    function GridSIFrame:OnInitialize()
    [B]    if not self.db then
            self.db = Grid.db:RegisterNamespace(self.moduleName, { profile = self.defaultDB or { } })
    [/B]    Grid:Debug("init GridSideIndicators")
        --hook the functions we need.
        hooksecurefunc(GridFrame.prototype, "PositionIndicator", GridSIFrame.PositionIndicator)
        hooksecurefunc(GridFrame.prototype, "SetIndicator", GridSIFrame.SetIndicator)
        hooksecurefunc(GridFrame.prototype, "ClearIndicator", GridSIFrame.ClearIndicator)
        hooksecurefunc(GridFrame.prototype, "SetCornerSize", GridSIFrame.SetCornerSize)
    [B]function GridSIFrame:Reset()
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