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    Quote from cremor
    Thanks, will commit that in the evening. Is this copied directly from a combatlog/Transcriptor log?

    I found nothing in the WoWCombatLog.txt.

    But in the WoWChatLog.txt I found this text:
    1/26 22:38:40.606 Kel'Thuzad schreit: Euer Ende ist gekommen!
    1/26 22:38:55.905 Kel'Thuzad schlägt zu!

    Sapphiron is written in German only with 1p -> "Saphiron", could this be the problem?
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    Quote from mojosdojo
    Yeah, that's right, I've fixed that and a lot more things in r4912 yesterday.

    to-do: Missing triggers in the german locales
    - Kel'Thuzad: phase2_trigger2 = "Scream your dying breath!", phase2_trigger3 = "The end is upon you!"
    - Sapphiron: airphase_trigger = "%s lifts off into the air!"

    This is for the german client. Kel tested, now proximity check works
    - Kel'Thuzad:
    phase2_trigger2 = "Schreiend werdet ihr diese Welt verlassen!",
    phase2_trigger3 = "Euer Ende ist gekommen!",

    Sapphiron not tested yet, but this is in the chatlog
    - Sapphiron: airphase_trigger = "Saphiron erhebt sich in die Lüfte!"
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