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    I've got a feature request. One bring back the Ooga (Submarine Dive Horn). Second since you have the quote "You Will Die" add the one from Big Bad Wolf which would be perfect for a warning. "Run Away Little Girl" Its fast, loud & noticeable. Everything else about it looks great I love the new look can't wait to start testing in BT.
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    Its working perfectly for me. I'm running a Win XP, & the current version of Java. All I did after opening it was adjust the config settings to my personal preferences, then clicked on update addons. Once that button was clicked JWU did its job & updated all of my old outdated addons. Granted it wasn't as fast as the old WAU, but in my opinion since WAU is no longer supported it was worth the extra 10sec wait to be able to update my addons to their most current versions. Great job, if I had some extra cash I would donate some to you. Keep up the good work. :)

    It might not be able to update from WoW Ace, but it should be able to update directly from each author's SVN page if they have one which most do.

    Also, I had a question as to which Java 6 update JWU is compatible with? I realized that I had all of the Java updates still installed 1-7 which is taking up 600mb of space that I could have back since I only really need 7. I also saw that Java has an Update 10 as well hidden on their site which I also plan on getting to test out the new Google Browser titled (Chrome). Is yours compatible with Update 7 or will I need to keep or redownload an earlier version to continue using your great addon?
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