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    Quote from joonasv
    Would it be possible to keep supporting the ShadowedUF Aura Indicators module? Like SUF itself, ShadowedUF Aura Indicators too was originally maintained by Shadowed.

    The module itself was quite small so even incorporating it into SUF itself shouldn't be extremely troublesome. For me, that would make this addon 100% perfect. Coming from Grid, it's really important to see certain buffs/debuffs as simple squares inside raid frames (pw:s, renew, weakened sould etc).

    Thanks again for continuing SUF. Please take this into consideration. :)

    I second that. Incorporating the aura indicators would be perfect, if it's not too much trouble.

    But thank you very much so far for taking over and keeping alive the best unitframes addon. Excellent job in such a short time!
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