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    posted a message on Numen (a totem button addon) - Official Topic
    This code change seems to work for me. Before changing this code, numen would reset itself slightly to the left and below where I set it upon every login. I'm running without the "use UI" box checked at 1680x1050 (if that matters).

    Quote from Thorwalg »

    I change this Function to

    function mod:SavePosition()
     local f = self.root
     local s = f:GetEffectiveScale()
     s = s / db.scale;
     local x, y = f:GetLeft(), f:GetTop()
     x, y = x * s, y * s
     db.posX = x
     db.posY = y

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    posted a message on WoWEquip (Official Thread)
    The current 0.8 version cannot be installed via wowaceupdater without externals. It works if I install it with externals.
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