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    posted a message on OK addons keep donwloading or updating for world of tanks
    I,m using the curse client and when i allow it to auto update or even just update my world of tank addons once i let it manage my addons for the game in any way.

    It downlaods the same set of addons from 3 patches ago constantly and then constantly tries updating them .

    Is this a known issue or any way to stop it . its been going on for months.

    Addons it keeps trying to download and update.

    Aslains XVM mod.
    acurate damage mod.
    Colour messages by rockthal.
    camera zoom mod.
    Dars artilary site mod.
    demoles damage panels.
    Englands xvm config .

    generally its any addon i,ve downlaoded over the months and uninstalled it keeps saying they are installed etc and trying to update them .
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