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    try setting bars 5-10 to disabled, this is how it works for me.
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    i've got two questions:

    1st: in archud my combo points could be shown as a bar. any way to copy that in icehud?

    2nd: maybe a dumb question, but... what is the mirrorbar for? i couldn't figure that out. it doesn't do anything as far as i could see.
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    honestly, the whole legal-ethics-otherwise discussion doesn't bother me at all. fact is, when i read about the change in wowace.com, i did download the curse client. i did create a curse account, just to use it. i tried using the curse client to update my addons.

    1st the curse updater installed a new addon without ever asking me to. that's a no do! no argument possible.

    2nd it broke several of my addons by trying to autoupdate them. ok, i had backups - but why an autoupdate? it shouldn't even be able to do this, 'cause i don't have a premium account. i wouldn't complain about the extra, unpaid for feature, but i complain about the presetting. a simple ask-before-the-update-starts-function would be nice. like the green "play"-button in wau. i couldn't find such an option in the curse client.

    3rd the curse-client doesn't show me if an addon needs updating. just an (incomplete) list of my installed addons. and if i use the update-button it doesn't do anything most of the time. even if i know there is an update for this addon.

    yes, i know, it's beta software. but thats exactly my point. it's beta (an if you are honest, it's leaning more in the alpha direction). it's not useable. when i want to update my addons today, i have to use another updater. i don't consider manual updating an option.

    i am looking forward to an useable curse-updater. i promise, i will use it as soon as it comes out. till then i will use other means to keep updating.
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