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    Some possibilities:

    - Omen stops working because there is too much traffic. Not just from your client.
    - Some addons are known to block Thread1.0. i.e. Bongos Skinned Map. Again... not your client.

    x-test it with those other guys having renamed their wtfs and interfaces and only running omen.
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    I sat down this morning and changed some of the annoyances which appear when using both postman and bulkmail2.

    First of all I added an option to toggle the alt-leftclick-behavior on or off. A feature I really missed all the time.

    Second I recoded the delivery report list generation to work properly with bulkmail2. It was some pain in the a$$ getting 5-7 reports for only one sent item. This is not a bug of Postman but a result of the behavior of Bulkmail which modifies the send routine to retry and retry in .1 second ticks until the mail is delivered.

    Now my problem is whom to address for perhaps having a look over my chances and perhaps include my changes in the official postman.
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    well *cough* i see *cough* scrolling is your friend

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    Running older versions of WAU have a much longer list of addons than the current version.

    After i reinstalled it, it fetched and presented the complete list. But only for a short period of time, afterwards it reloaded and half of the addons were gone/not listed.

    I have checked this "load out-of-date addons"-thing in WoW.

    Dont like to work with a preselected addon list. How can i get all addons listed?
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