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    So now that different ppl tell different things, I had a lookup for those definitions.
    First, WAU is for updating BETA level software with all its limitations. That is perfectly OK with me.

    So, what is beta level software? "Beta level software generally includes all features, but may also include known issues and bugs of a less serious variety." I cited from wikipedia(enEn).

    After looking on TinyTip (available for WAU), it, if it claims to be beta, doesn't have all features included. If not to say, in comparation to the 1.4 version, mostly none of the known features. This is, referring to the author, not the final intention, for he will include the known features as modules.
    But, beta level software GENERALLY includes all features, there is no rule not to claim TinyTip beta with most features we were used to in 1.4 missing :) But for public testing purposes it has to be claimed beta.

    For me and in my own opinion, especially comparing TinyTip "Two" with TinyTip "One", I still would have stated it alpha level and I am not happy with the replacement of the old TinyTip on WAU, I would have upped it as TinyTip2/TinyTip Improved/TinyTip Gold. But I am not Thrae and he can do what he likes with his software.

    And for those ppl out there who flame and blame on Thrae, what is the deal? Tell him what you are missing, dont tell him what you think of him or his software. Because the one thing which doesn't work for sure, you found it :)

    Thrae wants to have feedback on his addon, therefore its beta level status, therefore its presentation on WAU. If you will not help him, sit down and search for alternatives to TinyTip.
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    If you want to change the position of the Tooltip, you better not load TinyTipModules, but you can install it. :)
    This is because if an instance of TinyTipModules is loaded, TinyTip will ignore the settings in Standalonelibrary.lua. ATM, that is.
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    Quote from Laibcoms »

    Im not sure if there's a command to list all the profiles available. Secondly, I will not suggest FB2GUI as its not 'perfect' yet (example: FB2GUI makes S-1 to SHIFT-1; A-1 to ALT-1. And FB2GUI doesn't show all profiles even and always reverts you to FB2 default profile.)

    FB2GUI will atm not bind modified keys to buttons and does state it because I am missing the exact syntax for that command. Therefore I have no idea why FB2GUI should modify keybinding settings, it doesnt have this capabilities.
    And profiles is WiP indeed.
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    Quote from thegriffgeeks »

    My sentiments exactly, and I was surprised by the weird behavior. The only thing I've not learned yet is how to find, and go back a version (without always having to zip up the directory every time I run WUA. I'm sure there is a sticky somewhere...

    I am a little confused of what you want to know, but if you mean to use WAU and keep your out-of-date copy of TinyTip, simply rightclick it in WAU and set it to ignore. This way WAU will not update it.
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    Pitbull is using libmobhealth-4.0, therefore i removed any other mobhealth libs and addons and it worked smoothly
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    not absolutely sure, but ain't there missing an "or" before the condition in PitBull_VisualHeal/Visualheal.lua line 7 vers. 61032?

    fixed for 61034 couple minutes before :)
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    Quote from Kerecha »

    this kind off error has happened to me afew times when making changes to the grps while in combat, but reloads has always fixed it.

    Perhapps ur resoirting the frames somehow causing problems?

    No. I used to have the same setting since my first experience with pitbull. I believe it mixed up with one of the last updates
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    Dont know, whether it was reported already, but my Pitbull Party frames totally mix up when changing lead or adding a person to the party. For example, at position 2 the healer is presented with all data correct, but healing this person via mouseover heals the tank. Klicking on it presents the tank too. Other frames are mixed up, too. Reloading the ui doesnt help. Only opening the settigs for pitbull and selecting/unselecting "sort by name" helps a little bit.

    Same for raid frames
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    Works nearly as intended.
    Remapping is little buggy while applying it to buttons, you have to reload your ui in order to get it working atm (just not for rogues atm). Afterwards simply switch into the form you like and drag your actions to the buttons.

    have a look at the config gui, too.
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    Updated the Flexbar2 Config GUI

    You can get an alpha version under http://www.ellogro.de/files/Flexbar2_GUI_alpha.zip for testing

    Make sure to first delete any old Flexbar2 GUI folders before installing (GUI only, not all of flexbar!!!)


    * global settings
    - hide blizz bar
    - lock all action (dont drag off the icons)
    - show all created buttons
    - apply button settings on group (for manipulating single buttons in group or not)
    - show all tooltips
    - scale all buttons (from .1 to 3)
    - change out of range coloring (hack, not yet implemented in fb2)
    - alter keybinding text (hack, reducing NUMPADDECIMAL to NP.)

    * per button settings
    - lock actions,
    - show keybindings
    - show tooltip
    - show cooldowns
    - scaling from .1 to 3
    - visibility
    - positioning
    - remapping
    - deleting
    - grouping option for marked buttons

    * per group settings
    - same as button, but calculated for group
    - ungrouping

    * controls
    - Create and toggle visibility of buttons via the "Visibility" panel
    - Select buttons via leftmousebutton-click, mark them via middlemousebutton-click and clamp them to nearby buttons via rightmousebutton-click (very intuitive ^^ )
    - Copy settings from other profiles via the "Profile" panel
    - Apply keybindings on buttons via the "Keybinding" panel by hovering the mouse over a button and pressing the designated key (no modifiers supported yet, no idea if it is possible with flexbar atm)

    * missing
    - alpha settings (not yet implemented)
    - rightclick selfcast (no idea for a hack atm)
    - finding and fixing the last existing errors ^^
    - various other stuff
    - how-tos
    - scriptpad
    - new errors :)

    * disclaiming
    - it works fine for me with only flexbar2gui and embedded libs, all of flexbar2 and the libs needed by flexbar2 installed
    - flexbar2gui only manipulates flexbar2gui savedvariables directly, flexbar2 savedvariables indirectly via slashcommanding-workarounds. Therefore it should be save, but use at own risk.
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    posted a message on Help request: FlexBar2 GUI
    Quote from Trollgaard »

    @Moatu: How do you call up the "gui"? I have it installed, but I can't seem to get it up and running. What's the command to start it?

    The slashcommand is '/fbg show'. There has to be a minimap button, too.

    Quote from Trollgaard »

    EDIT: After turning on the Lua errors for interface, I get the error: Flexbar2_GUI.lua:4: Cannot find a library instance of Tablet-2.0

    I have checked the syntax for spelling in the lua-file. And the Library for Tablet-2.0 is in the libs-folder in Flexbar2_GUI. I'll check if othe addons are interfering.

    Nearly forgot: I updated the Flexbar_GUI, the link is now on the corrected version.
    Seems I can get it working by installing FubarPlugin, Dewdrop and Tablet as standalones as they are not looked up in the libs-folder by Flexbar2_GUI. Atleast they are not found by fb2_gui. I lack the texteditor though. Can't paste anything.

    EDIT: Removed all CTmods and got it working.

    You're right, the solution is I simply forgot to include the embeds.xml in the toc file. I was tired when creating the zipfile with the libraries included and simply forgot the line in the toc. I now have tested the contents on a raw installation with only Flexbar2 and its required libraries ( Rock and SpecialEventsAura-3.0 ) and the Flexbar2_GUI. It is working.
    To be completely true, Flexbar2_GUI is also showing up with nothing else installed. Although an error will occur if you try to execute your script because Flexbar itself is missing. But this is for debugging purposes only. Later on, FB2GUI will require Flexbar and wont run without it.

    Second is, I will have a look at the textfield, it is very small and hard to find without any text in it. But not now, tomorrow perhaps.

    Oh, well, Flexbar_GUI is fixed, you can get the corrected version via the known link: http://www.ellogro.de/files/Flexbar2_GUI.zip
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    posted a message on Help request: FlexBar2 GUI
    Thx. Feel free to link it.
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    posted a message on Addons in this GUI

    maybe he only got the image ...

    but, you know, there is a reason some ppl do create compilations and some only d/l compilations *whistle* *cough*

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    posted a message on Help request: FlexBar2 GUI
    Not a GUI atm, but at least a little "Wrapper" around the console commands:


    Basicly it is a scriptpad, you simply enter your flexbar scripts and press "execute".
    The addon will then (hopefully, no deep testing yet) execute your script line by line.
    No error handling atm.

    - multiline support
    - checkbox for resetting the layout before execution
    - checkbox for hiding the blizzard frame
    - code will be saved between sessions

    all the rest, i just coded one afternoon, and I am new to lua, so:
    perhaps, more will follow

    code example:

    create button=1-12
    group button=1-12 group=1
    setscale group=1 scale=.8
    line group=1 rows=1 space=36
    setposition group=1 x=0 y=160
    show group=1

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    posted a message on Postman - Building a better mailbox
    As of WoW 2.3 the fired event seems to exist no longer, therefore my modified Postman does not work anymore.

    *cough cough* totally wrong, i only used the wrong version of my modification... boy...

    link for testing: http://www.File-Speicher.de/upl/42fd785ea800f69f681a996f9.zip
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