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    posted a message on Squire - lightweight mount helper
    I've swapped to Squire over a few other mount mods that I had been trying & really like it overall.
    However, I am seeing a problem with one mount, Headless Horseman's Mount. Whenever this gets used as a random mount, I can't re-click the macro to dismount (get the old error message 'you are already mounted').
    The macro seems to update to use another mount as soon as I'm mounted. I have the option "Dismount if already mounted" checked.
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    posted a message on tomQuest2
    With r126, I'm seeing a double spacing of lines in tracker for quests with no objectives.

    Didn't see any options for adjusting this.
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Quote from Skully
    Hm the minimap-icon does load on login, even if the setting is unmarked to show it.
    When i set and unset it in the option, the icon is gone but gonna be back after relog.

    I have this same issue, as of 1.0-15
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